At The Bridge with Terrygold in Second Life

The Bridge
The Bridge

Running from 13:00 SLT on Wednesday, December 21st through until January 6th at Art on Roofs, is The Bridge by Terrygold, an exhibition of over 40 of her images and studies in what I think is the largest display of her work to date.

Anyone familiar with Terrygold’s work, cannot help but be struck by her expressive use of monochrome, her minimal and striking use of colour and the manner in which props form an integral part of her images and the narratives they project. Seeing so many pieces on display here, complete with thematic groupings, really brings the extraordinary power and beauty of her work home.

The Bridge
The Bridge

As with her previous exhibits, The Bridge is reached via teleport from the main Art on Roofs landing point. On arrival, some viewer set-up may be required prior to entering the exhibition areas. Specifically, the time of day should be set to ambient dark / midnight, and the graphics Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) should be turned on to appreciate the projected lights (there is no need to enabled shadows Sun/Moon + Projected Lights if this hits your performance too hard – the light projectors will still work, you’ll just use the use of shadows to further enhance the pieces).

Once your viewer is set, step out in the white area and onto the bridge. This leads the way between six tall alcoves in which are displayed the first of Terrygold’s pieces – including one of the props used in a study. This bridge is the first indication that as with previous exhibitions, the setting in which Terrygold displays her work is not just a backdrop to her work, it is very much part of the exhibition itself – as there the props she’s used, which is why they can be found within The Bridge.

The Bridge
The Bridge

On reaching the far end of the bridge, visitors are invited to pass between blood-red curtains (red being one of the colours Terrygold frequently uses to present strong contrasts in her work) to the second element of the exhibition. Here amidst echoes of her earlier installation, Windows (which you can read about here), are four pieces with a distinctly musical theme. Beyond this, reached by following a jigsaw on the floor, lay the main two exhibit areas.

The first of these offers another three-dimensional experience to visitors – a theme continued from the settings for earlier displays – with the art extending below “floor” level. A white path winds through this chamber, passing an ivory piano while offering a vantage point for camming around the art and the hall, before leading the visitor through a gap in the walls to the final, midnight black chamber. Here are themed sets of beautiful monochrome nude studies. With titles such as Gabbia, (“Cage”), Prigioniera (“Prisoner”),  Freni (“Brakes”), and Muri Stella (“Wall Star”), they are stunningly evocative and powerful pieces which hold sway over one’s attention.

The Bridge
The Bridge

Terrygold modestly claims she is not an artist, just a photographer. I have, and continue to, disagree with her on this. Not only do her images demonstrate a clear eye for framing, composition and narrative, the environments in which she presents them more than demonstrate her considerable skill as an artist and designer.

The Bridge, as noted, will remain open through until January 6th, 2017. Should you visit, please do consider a donation towards Terrygold’s work and the upkeep of the Art on Roofs gallery spaces, of which she is also the curator.

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