Rosemoor’s winter in Second Life

Rosemoor, Jadeite; Inara Pey, December 2016, on Flickr Rosemoor, Jadeite – click any image for full size

I received an e-mail from Krys Vita a few days ago (at the time of writing at least!), announcing that Rosemoor, the region she designed with Arol Lightfoot (and of which I wrote about in May 2016), has re-opened to the public for Christmas, taking on a suitably wintry look in the process.

“It’s a winter necessity ;),” Krys said, in describing the change-over in region looks when Caitlyn and I jumped over for a visit. I’m not sure “necessity” is the right word; I’d personally opt for “delight”, as Krys and Arol present a beautiful outdoors setting, lightly wooded and surrounded by high hills. Snow falls from a sky it has made hazy as the sun sits low on the horizon, blanketing the ground and insulating rooftops.

Rosemoor, Jadeite; Inara Pey, December 2016, on Flickr Rosemoor, Jadeite

A water channel cuts so deeply into the land, it almost divides it in two, a single bridge spanning it from north to south. But such is the time of year, the water normally flowing beneath the bridge has frozen over, becoming a slippery alternative  route through the landscape.

To the north-west of the land stands a substantial farmhouse, a dirt track winding southwards past a tall barn and the region’s landing point. Here, horses graze in a corral, a vintage – but clearly well-maintained – truck parked close by. Just beyond the barn sits a tracked snow plough, undoubtedly the reason for the cleared route down from the farmhouse. It sits at rest now, secretly offering a place to sit for those who might volunteer a click. Beyond it, the clear path gives way to frosted grass and a growing carpet of snow, fir and oak trees pointing the way towards the red steeple and whitewash walls of a country church.

Rosemoor, Jadeite; Inara Pey, December 2016, on Flickr Rosemoor, Jadeite

A hill lifts its humped back just a little to the east of the church, its top crowned by an A-framed chalet surrounded by a raised deck. Snug and warm inside, it enjoys a commanding view over the land. With a fire in the hearth, and a decorated tree surrounded by wrapped presents, the single room chalet suggests it might be a winter getaway for someone.

Down the hill from the chalet, and across the water from the church and the barn, sits a little cabin, door thrown wide and fire again burning in the hearth. Quite what its purpose might be is for you to imagine; while a fire may well be lit, the pumpkins on the floor have all seen better days. While they may sit as a reminder of Halloween, one has to wonder why they haven’t be removed.

Rosemoor, Jadeite; Inara Pey, December 2016, on Flickr Rosemoor, Jadeite

As well as exploring, visitors to Rosemoor can find much to do. You can snuggle in a sleigh, for example, or ice skate on the pond (or indeed, on the frozen water just beyond it); there are benches and seats an swings to be found throughout. And if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll find a place where you can grab a sled and ride it where you will –  just be careful with the local reindeer and other wildlife! Of course, if all the snow and cold air starts to get to you, the farmhouse and chalet offer a cosy respite and a chance to warm up once more.

Between them, Krys and Arol always cook up scenes which delight the eye. and Rosemoor’s winter setting is no exception. As noted above, it will be here until Christmas – which given how busy this time of year can be, might fly by all too easily; so do make sure you set aside a little time and take a wander through its wintertime setting.

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