A mystical Telrunya Winter in Second Life

Telrunya Winter; Inara Pey, November 2016, on Flickr Telrunya Winter – click any image for full size

At the start of 2016, I wrote about Telrunya – Forest of Dreams, a resign design by Nessa Zamora (Noralie78). It was a beautiful, tranquil place which I likened to an elven corner of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Well, time has moved on since then, and places have changed; the Forest passed into the west some time in 2016. However, Telrunya’s spirit has now returned to Second Life in the form of a new design by Nessa, in a new location, and with a new name.

Telrunya Winter; Inara Pey, November 2016, on Flickr Telrunya Winter

Telrunya Winter, occupying the homestead region of Diamond Island presents visitors with a winter wonderland of snow, night skies, shafts of Moonlight filtering through frosted trees and the glow and scatter of winter lights. It is at once very different to the Forest  of Dreams while at the same time bearing an echo of that build.

From the landing point under the dome of a Victorian gazebo, visitors are invited to explore the region on foot or via ice skates – sets are available with snowballs at the landing point for a small fee. A frozen river offers plenty of scope for the latter, as it curls away from an ice-covered pond. And if you take the right direction, you might find a little surprise.

Telrunya Winter; Inara Pey, November 2016, on Flickr Telrunya Winter

For those whole prefer walking, the crisp, white snow is inviting of footfall, and walking across it, one can almost hear that soft, fresh crunch of it being compacted underfoot. Follow the stone-edged trail over a bridge and under bough, and you’ll find your way to a wood cabin. Here, light and warmth invitingly pour forth; fires burn brightly in hearths, warming rooms furnished with deep armchairs and sofas. For those not yet ready to come inside, another fireplace on the covered porch offers warmth to those wishing to use the bench alongside to sit in comfort and continue to appreciate the aurora-washed sky and the gently falling snow.

South of the gazebo, across ice and snow, a low rocky plateau pushes upwards from the otherwise almost flat land, a table on which ancient ruins sit, arches lit by naked flames as they look out between the snow-draped shoulders of the high surrounding peaks. Elsewhere, strings of lights hang from the bare arms of trees, deer walk between moonlit trunks, lanterns glow and float through the air, giving the entire region a feeling of otherworldly magic, with places a-plenty to sit and ponder and enjoy, alone or with a friend or loved one.

Telrunya Winter; Inara Pey, November 2016, on Flickr Telrunya Winter

With winter closing around us in the northern hemisphere, it is traditional to see winter landscapes come to the fore in Second Life. Telrunya Winter is the first I’ve visited since the start of the year, and it certainly won’t be the last. However, it will be special, Nessa has a talent for creating places with a mystical air and feel, as Telrunya Winter amply demonstrates. It is a tranquil slice of winter not to be missed.

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