Everything is Lit in Second Life

A scene from Tutsy Navarathna's Death of Death?
Tout Est Allumé: a scene from Tutsy Navarathna’s Death of Death?

Second Life is a powerful medium for machinima. It caters for everything from promo videos for events, stores, and activities through to music videos, or showcasing region builds and role-play locations, etc., through to offering the perfect medium for telling narrative series and short films.

One of the great masters of machinima in Second Life is the award-winning Tutsy Navarathna. At the MetaLES art region, curated by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar (and reached via teleport from the landing point), he is presenting a special retrospective of his work.

Tout Est Allumé (“everything is lit”) is a festival of 16 of Tutsy’s films  – including the award-winning The Residents and Metaphore. The films are being shown together with 19 of his animated shorts, and a series of 3D art pieces by Yoon (Toyono) and Romy Nayar.

It’s a machinima tour de force, one which ideally requires more than one visit in order to capture everything, particularly given the display environment itself requires a little exploration. However, the effort is mote than worth it; Tutsy’s mastery of the medium and his gift for storytelling are both outstanding and guaranteed to capture your eye and mind.

There is just one slight technical point to note: it is recommended that the films are watched using QuickTime. However, QuickTime is no longer supported on Windows, leaving it with some potential security vulnerabilities. So, if you are a Windows user, and your viewer can’t play the videos at MetaLES, it might be preferable for you to swap to the current official viewer rather than installing QuickTime. This uses the VLC media plug-in, which will play the videos without issue (TPVs are in the process of swapping to VLC or GStreamer for Windows media support as well).

But this aside, Tout Est Allumé is an outstanding opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of one of SL’s more visionary and creative visual storytellers. Just catch The Residents, from 2013, below, to get a flavour of his work and then hop on over to MetaLES to see the rest.

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Tout Est Allumé (MetaLES, rated Moderate)

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    1. Tizzy I’ve never have gotten the internal viewer for videos to work well in SL. Something always goes wrong and you’re distracted from the artists work by technical problems. What I do with my own videos is put the URL on a prim and let it call up your external browser.

      Here is how I do it. Go to the video URL in your external browser.Edit the prim where you want the link. Choose to select face radio button in the edit window. Then highlight the URL in your browser and drag it to the prim face in SL, Now that prim will call up the video URL in your external browser. Here is a link to one of my videos so you can try it out.

      Feel free to leave comments in the URL. I use Adobe Creative Cloud as a place to store my videos.


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