Overviews at Dathúil in Second Life

Overviews - Dathúil Gallery
Overviews – Dathúil Gallery

Now open at Dathúil Gallery, curated by Max Butoh and Lυcy (LucyDiam0nd), is a display of art by Mi (Kissmi), entitled Overviews. In some ways, it’s a curious exhibit, comprising 20 very large format pieces, together with an assortment of posters and 3D items. However, as one spends time within it, so the artist’s approach falls into place.

“To make and exhibition is much more than to show my images,” Mi says of the display. “It is also to have a project, to think about it, to build it, to share with others and it making sense.
Every look on our work is a particular look, and obviously interesting. I don’t pretend to be an artist, I am just a sensitive person who likes to create images. My exhibition at Dathúil is named Overviews because it is a panel of pictures showing abstracts and more realistic topics.”

Overviews - Dathúil Gallery
Overviews – Dathúil Gallery

The more abstract pieces Mi refers to can be seen on the mezzanine level of the gallery, where current installations by Livio Korobose (The joy Formidable) and Boefje (Bufje) (Ephemeral) are represented with six impressions by MI apiece. The bold colours used within these images offer a striking contrast to, and interpretation of, the two exhibits which inspired them – something I found to be particularly true with the images of Ephemeral, which is otherwise a predominantly white installation.

It is also with regards to these two installations Mi used as her inspiration, that some of the additional elements within the exhibition space align. The two large paper aeroplanes by Livio, for example, point our attention to Mi’s interpretations of his exhibit, in which paper aeroplanes also appear. Similarly, the ladders, which can again be found within The Joy Formidable, present visitors with perches from which they can further appreciate the art. Meanwhile, the small field of flowers and the figurine placed before the images of Ephemeral stand as a physical link to that installation.

Overviews - Dathúil Gallery
Overviews – Dathúil Gallery

However, I confess to finding these sets of images somewhat overpowering – possibly in part due to their enormous size – they are by far the largest I’ve seen displayed at Dathúil, the layout of which perhaps isn’t the best for gaining a broader perspective of such enormous pieces. Instead, I found myself drawn more to the five images displayed on the ground floor of the gallery.

Equally large format, these benefit from being presented in a more enclosed space, thanks to the mezzanine area above. This gives them a more intimate presentation, which is ideally suited to their subject matter. All five, together with an additional pair of images on the mezzanine over the gallery’s entrance, offer scenes of a personal nature; moments of contemplation, reflection, and more, caught in a flick of frozen time, each as evocative as the name it has been given.

Overviews - Dathúil Gallery
Overviews – Dathúil Gallery

This is another exhibition where more than a casual glance is required; the images offered, upper and lower levels offer such diverse approaches in style and content, that Overviews could be taken to be two exhibitions in one, each offering a glimpse into Mi’s approach as a photographer and – despite her claim otherwise – an artist.

Overviews will remain open through until the end of November 2016.

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4 thoughts on “Overviews at Dathúil in Second Life

  1. Thank you for stopping by Inara! As always, it was really a pleasure to see you.. even though I had to go afk! Your references and views are as usual, wonderful.. thank you so much ❤


  2. So … many thanks Inara for your text about my exhibition(s) (smile) at Dathuil.
    You really have a good eyes and you see between the ligns and the colors, the levels and the physical links, the visible and the invisible.
    Merci beaucoup, Mi.


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