Rain songs and cipherscapes in Second Life

Song About Rain
Song About Rain

Song about Rain is an ensemble exhibition now open at the Pretentious Art Gallery, Crestwick Island ( a location I blogged about in June 2015), featuring images by Panteleimon Aeo, Burk Bode, MaryFelicity, Cold Frog, Nur Moo, Charlie Namiboo, Laura Richards, Mr. S., Sugar Silverstar, Maloe Vansant, and  Anita Witt.

As the title suggests, the central theme of this exhibition is rain, with each artist submitting a single avatar study on the subject. Thus, it is an eye-catching exhibition of subtle contrasts in using rain  to frame a scene, focus the eye and  / or tell a story. All of the images have much to say, but I confess that where storytelling is concerned, I found myself particularly drawn to The Rain Song by Mr. S. (featured at the top of this article), which suggested an entire novella to me whilst admiring it. All of the pictures are offered for sale at the set price of L$300 each.

Song About Rain
Song About Rain

Next door, at the Broad Street Gallery, Cipher (Ciphertazi Wandin), co-holder of Crestwick Island, presents eight of his superb images which mix landscapes, avatar studies and images of personal space together in an intriguing set of pieces. All are superbly and evocative of mood and place, and can be purchased for the exceptionally modest L$100 each.

Both the Pretentious Gallery and Broad Street Gallery are modest in size, making trips to see the two exhibitions easy to combine. Doing so also offers visitors the opportunity to explore Crestwick Island which, if you haven’t done so before, is very much worth taking the time to see.


Note that due to the landing point in operation, you’ll need to walk into town to reach the galleries – but again, this gives you the chance to enjoy Crestwick Island more fully than if simply plonking down in front of the galleries 🙂 .

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