A Carnival of the Arts in Second Life

The Dirty Grind
The Dirty Grind

The Dirty Grind, the open arts community founded by  jasmine0alaya and her partner, Ian McConach marks its anniversary in June 2016, and in celebration will be hosting another  Carnival of the Arts III. The event will take place from Wednesday, June 15th through Sunday June 19th inclusive. and will encompass live music and performance and  visual art.

The featured artist for the event is Bloo Ansar, and those participating in the Artist Row are: Winston Ackland, Kiesta Aljon, Bloo Ansar, Suzen Juel, JudiLynn India, Solana Python and Toysoldier Thor.

In addition, the celebrations will also see the official opening of The Movement Lounge in the basement of The Dirty Grind theatre. The Movement is intended to provide a relaxed setting for impromptu  performances and open microphone events for both the community’s artists and those visiting The Dirty Grind.

The Movement Lounge
The Movement Lounge

Live Performance Schedule

At the time of writing, the performance schedule lined up as follows (note Thursday, June 16th was marked as “TBA”, so please check with The Dirty Grind blog for updates). All times SLT:

Wed 15 June Fri 17 June Sat 18 June Sun 19 June
15:00: Zoz Quandry 15:00: Etherian Kamaboko 15:00: Efinjay 15:00: Phemie Alcott
16:00: Suzen JueL 16:00: Strum Diesel 16:00: Ren Enberg & Quai Franklin 16:00: Laidback Celt
17:00: The Matthew Show 17:00: Bat Masters 17:00: Senjata Witt 17:00: Winston Ackland
18:00: Kiesta Aljon 18:00: David Csiszer 18:00: Shannon Oherlihy 18:00: Kinagree-Smith
19:00: Marqs DeSade 19:00: Jamba 19:00: Wald Schride 19:00: The Vinnie Show
20:00: Lyndon Heart

The Dirty Grind has a great community spirit, and is a place I’ve visited numerous times, both to write about in this blog and simply to enjoy. Steeped in music, and with a strong support for art, it is a great place to explore – so why not find a little time over the next few days to hop over to wish them a happy anniversary?

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