Images of Hope in Second Life

Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition
Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition

The Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition opened it doors on Saturday, April 9th, and will run through until Saturday April 16th, inclusive. For the event, 25 Second Life photographers have paired with 25 cancer survivors and caregivers, to provide an exhibition of extraordinary portraiture coupled with deeply personal stories about dealing with cancer.

The exhibition has been organised by Catalina Staheli, and builds on her 2015 exhibition entitled Stand (which you can read about here). Greatly expanded, Hope is featured in a magnificent gallery set within a landscaped area on Saint Kitts Isle (making it reachable by water for those who like to sail the Blake Sea and points north, and who are looking for a destination).

Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition
Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition

Built around a central courtyard garden, the gallery provides two floors of exhibition space, with each featured caregiver and / or survivor featured in at least one wall-mounted portrait, their stories available from free-standing signs, the details of the artist who created their picture(s) available from plaques on the wall alongside each display.

With broad hallways, a glass roof, and plenty of opportunities to sit and admire the work on offer as well as tour the various display spaces, the gallery offers a bright, light space, rich in colour courtesy of the plants and the RFL of SL purple. All of which presents visitors with an exceptionally eye-catching environment without detracting in any way from the images on display.

Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition
Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition

Throughout the exhibition halls are RFL of SL donation kiosks, information givers on in-world support teams, the work of the ACS, and so on. To further help raise funds for RFL of SL, a silent auction is running throughout the exhibition period, with each of the exhibiting photographers offering a portrait package / photo-shoot opportunity to their respective highest bidders. In addition, there will be the opportunity to bid on a place in the autumn course with Visionaire Institute of Photography, and single portraits by special guest artists Skip Staheli, Magissa Denver, and Natzuka Miliandrovic.

Alongside of Skip, Magissa and Natzuka, the artists participating in the exhibition are:  Tempest Rosca, Addison Summerwind, Grazia Horwitz, Calypso Applewhyte, Wendz Tempest, Isa Messioptra, AlexAvion, Roxi Richez, Polly Elan, Pam Astonia, mysterr resident, Lam Erin, Roy Mildor, Cubito Smit, Annie1111,  Caitlin Tobias, Kaelyn Alecto, Wildstar Beaumont, WrenNoir Cerise, PinkRayne, Reya Darkstone, and of course Catalina.

Hope: A Relay for Life Photo Exhibition

The featured caregivers / survivors are:  Lizzy Gracemount, Nevar Lobo, Doodlez Doobie, Thalia Lupindo, sedusaK, AnnieDrogyne, Vicki Coleslaw, Alia Whitfield, Annakari Genesis,    Dian4ma Shen, aphroditestarr, LadyKay Gable, Catalysis, LouLouBreeze, Madonna Milena, Shiran Sabra, Renee Riva, Argus Collingwood, Vickie Maidstone, Sidonie Carlberg, Cathy10 Longoria, Ciaobella Mirabella, DollEyes Barbosa and BellaEsmeCullen.

Overall, an outstanding and moving exhibition, and one which should be visited during its run.

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