Timekiller in Second Life

Timekiller II

Marking the start of the year, the second Timekiller festival organised by SL Goth Magazine is currently under way at their headquarters in the Morphe Northwinds region, and will run through until Sunday, January 24th.

With the theme of Gothic Steampunk, the festival features 20 designers, live DJ’s, live story tellers and is nestled in the corner of Morphe Northwinds, while gives it something of a more personal, intimate look and feel than can sometimes initially be experienced when dropping into a much larger event.

Of particular note for the event is a special live performance by renowned cellist-singer-songwriter Unwoman (Erica Mulkey). Recipient of the 2015 Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Award for Best Solo Musician and Best Album for her album Circling, Unwoman has performed at steampunk conventions and other major events across the United States.

Timekiller II
Timekiller II

The Unwoman concert will take place on Tuesday, January 19th at 17:00 SLT. In addition, Aura Fitzgerald will be singing live at the festival on Wednesday, January 20th, from 15:00 SLT, while Finn Zeddmore and Caledonia Skytower from Seanchai Library will be giving live readings on Thursday, January 21st at 16:00 SLT  and Sunday, January 24th at 15:00 SLT respectively.

The timekiller II schedule of events
The Timekiller II entertainment schedule



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