A medieval meander in Second Life

St Illuminatus - Morphe Northwinds
St Illuminatus – Morphe Northwinds

While I’d encountered some of his work during my travels around Second Life, it was my visit to Tahiti Rae’s Love, Henry in July 2015, which particularly drew me to the architecture of Abel Dreamscape.It was at Love Henry that I first encountered the magnificence of Abel’s St Illuminatus cathedral – and it made quite an impression.

ISo when I hopped over to take a look at Timekiller II (see my post about the event) located in one corner of Abel’s Morphe Northwinds region, I decided to extend my stay and explore his work in general depth.

The docks at Morphe Northwids, feature one of Lia woodget's Blackspot ships
The docks at Morphe Northwids, feature one of Lia Woodget’s Blackspot ships

Anyone involved in medieval and  / or fantasy role-play may well be familiar with Abel’s designs. His buildings, while high in terms of LI, are beautifully produced and make excellent centrepieces for any suitable period environment. His range includes everything from huge period castles down to individual landscaping and building kits (the latter full perm), going by way of churches, towers, town houses and buildings, docks and peasant cottages, with expansion kits, cannon and furnishings also available.

Morphe Northwinds presents many of Abel’s building and kits in a medieval setting (complete with some ambient sounds):  a small town, complete with docks, presided over by the imposing bulk of the cathedral. Here visitors can explore the building at their leisure, examine the vendor signs, enjoy the music stream (suitably period, if not medieval), and discover some of his accessory packs.

Abel's Medieval town buildings complex - Morphe Northwinds
Abel’s Medieval town buildings complex – Morphe Northwinds

Cross the bridge to the south, and you find yourself in Morphe Inc., the main store area, dominated by the huge edifice of Thorean Castle, with is great hall and 12 other rooms, sitting above a series of catacombs built using Abel’s tunnel kits. Across the paved road from the castle sits the full perms mall with builders kits, which is itself alongside a rezzing area where more of Abel’s building can be viewed and examined.

Getting to see any building in-world before you commit to buying it is generally a vital part of the purchasing process. With Morphe Inc., and particularly Morphe Northwinds, Abel has provided a means to not only see his builds up close, but also view them in period environment; one which also offers those interested in medieval buildings an interesting place to visit.

Details on St Illuminatus - Morphe Northwinds
Details on St Illuminatus – Morphe Northwinds

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