SL project updates 16 1/1: Login failures; Project Bento

The Trace too; Inara Pey, December 2015, on Flickr The Trace Too (Flickr) – blog post

Server Deployments

The weekly scheduled server deployments will not resume until week #2 of 2016 (week commencing Monday, January 11th), when there should be a deployment to the three release candidate channels.

SL Viewer

The Maintenance RC viewer was updated on Tuesday, January 5th to version This sees MAINT-5760 “Favourites sort order reverts every session and no favourites display at the login screen for single name “Resident” accounts” removed from the resolved issues list.

The Quick Graphics RC viewer (graphics preset options and Avatar Complexity) updated to version, also on Tuesday, January 5th. This sees the addition of two further fixes to the resolved issues list:

  • MAINT-5541 “[QuickGraphics] 0 complexity avatar renders as jelly”
  • MAINT-5567 “[QuickGraphics] A mesh attachment causes avatar to be jellybaby while Avatar complexity is set to No Limit”.

Login Failures – Friends List Updates

People have been experiencing log-in failures recently, which appear to be related to issues as the viewer loads / updates the Friends list as a part of the log-in process (see BUG-11032 and BUG-11127).

A typical error message displayed when the log-in failure occurs
The log-in failure issue generates s generic error message

The problem is account-specific, and when I asked Oz and Simon Linden about the problem, and whether a more permanent resolution might be forthcoming, during the simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday, January 5th, Oz replied, “yes, we think we understand what’s up with that… fix is in the works”, although he declined to elaborate further.

In the meantime the advice remains as specified by Alexa Linden on BUG-11032: if you are unable to log in as a result of the problem, you will need to file a support ticket explaining the problem and noting it is a Friends List Login Failure. Support should then be able to fix your account.

Project Bento

There’s no major news on Project Bento beyond what I’ve already reported to date. However, given the project is now in a public beta, user group meetings associated with the project are now open to all as well.

Meetings will take place on Aditi at Mesh Sandbox 2 (note that is an Aditi, location, not the main grid) at 13:00 SLT every Thursday, with the first public meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 7th. In announcing the meetings, Oz Linden also requested those who have any available, to bring example content using the new avatar skeleton extensions along to the meetings (but do notes the region is rated General!).

In the meantime, Cathy Foil, one of the content creators involved in Bento has produced video explaining how the work was handled within the initial development group,

Aditi Password Changes

As I noted in my 2015 week #51 project updates report, there are changes coming in the way Aditi inventory syncs with Agni are handled, which will also affect Aditi password changes. These changes are still to be deployed, so in the meantime, anyone wishing to change their password on Aditi should do so via a support ticket.

Those wishing to attend the Project Bento meeting on Aditi and who have not logged into the beta grid for a while, many want to check that they can in advance of Thursday, January 7th, and if necessary file a support ticket requesting a password update, as noted above.


Object_Rezzer_Key is a new parameter which is to be added to llGetObjectDetails()  early in the New Year. It will allow a rezzed object to find the key of its parent rezzer, then use llRegionSayTo() to chat back to that parent – see my 2015 Project updates: server and Project Bento report for more.

Commenting on this work at the Simulator User Group meeting, Simon said:

OBJECT_REZZER_KEY is in QA and the release process … if things go steady, it would see the beta grid later this week or next, and possibly RC in 2 weeks.   That’s all tentative, of course. … OBJECT_TOTAL_INVENTORY_COUNT and OBJECT_PRIM_COUNT are in the next release (before that one).