An Everlong stay in Second Life

Everlong; Inara Pey, November 2015, on FlickrEverlong (Flickr) – click any image for full size

ARNICAR India creates beautiful water-themed regions which can mix the natural and the surreal in a perfect blend to produce a lasting memory of a place that’s easy on the eye, heart and mind and where the soul can find peace. Her latest creation, Everlong, is no exception in this.

The landing point features a small stage, the backdrop to which extols visitors to Celebrate (the moments of your) Life, as a little troupe of rabbits perform ballet on bleachers close by, and a piano and cello await their players.

Everlong; Inara Pey, November 2015, on FlickrEverlong (Flickr)

As the sun sets to the west, it falls across a series of small vignettes lying across the ankle-deep water, awaiting exploration. The central, and largest of these features a ruined house with bric-a-brac and mementos within, a huge gnarled tree standing over it and seating amidst the wet grass outside.

Follow the stepping stones through the garden wall and a little yard awaits, Christmas trees partially decorated. Here is another little sitting area, the chairs arranged on an unflooded stone floor, while a watery avenue leads onward between silver birches, to where Bryn Oh’s Milkdrop sits, and a little further beyond her, a boat suspended beneath balloons awaits.
Everlong; Inara Pey, November 2015, on FlickrEverlong (Flickr)

Balloons are something of a theme here; head west and a little north from the ruined house and you’ll find a snowy set of islets amidst more silver birch, connected by a wooden bridge suspended under three hot air balloons, while a little balloon cart sits nearby.

Despite the minimal approach, there is a lot to see within Everlong, and not all of it on the ground – keep an eye out for the ladder to discover another winter’s scene, where you’ll find more to see and places to sit on your own or in the company of another. And don’t miss a ride on the horses or the photo booth behind the house ruins, which offers amusement of its own.

Everlong; Inara Pey, November 2015, on FlickrEverlong (Flickr)

As with ARNICAR’s Imagination, which I wrote about here and here, Everlong presents a water focused peaceful setting, beautiful minimal in approach, yet offering a lot to captivate the eye and camera. Not a placed to be missed by the keen Second life explorer.

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