Glass and Light in Second Life

Glass and Light Breakwave
Glass and Light Breakwave

I’m a long-standing admirer of Frankx Lefarve’s art in Second Life; he’s a master of immersive art, using light, colour and particles with intricate designs with the appearance of glass to create extraordinary environments which captivate the eye and gently play with the mind. His latest work, Glass and Light Breakwave, which is open through until at least the end of November 2015, stands as a further demonstration of his art and skill.

I first became aware of Frankx’s work almost two years ago, at the start of 2014, when I entered his realm of glass and light for the first time. since then, we’ve become friends and I’ve been fortunate enough to witness his work at several installations, such as Insidious and Quilia. However, it is with that first  installation I visited back in January 2014 that Glass and Light Breakwave shares the closest relationship; so much so, that is it possible to see echoes of the former in the current piece, as see just how much further Frankx’s expression and creativity have evolved.

Glass and Light Breakwave
Glass and Light Breakwave

To try to describe a piece like this is impossible; as an immersive environment it really has to be experienced first. Those who do remember his earlier glass and light works and Frankx’s alien landscapes will likely recognise certain motifs within this installation, which seems to bring together a number of ideas and melds them into a unified whole, mesh, prims, particles, colour and light blending to create a fully three-dimensional installation best experienced by flying in Mouselook mode or, if you have a Space Navigator or suitable controller, via flycam.

What I will say about Glass and Light Breakwave is that it is an installation that should not be missed, as I hope the short video below demonstrates.


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