Windlight Gallery winter exhibition in Second Life

The Windlight Gallery
Windlight Gallery

The Windlight Gallery winter show for November – December 2015 will be opening its doors on Sunday, November 15th, 2015. Taking place in the gallery’s new building, the show features the work of 13 artists and photographers from across Second Life.

The core of the exhibition is focused on the Windlight Artist Fellows for November and December: Bamboo Barnes, Honey Bender, Van Caerndow, Kaijah Chrome, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Valium Lavender, Wicca Merlin, Benivinudo Moskalev, Twotone Rhiano and Dean Yao. They are joined by Windlight staff and contributors Ilyra Chardin, Inara Pey and Saoirseheart Resident.

Windlight Gallery November-December 2015 show
Windlight Gallery November-December 2015 show

The new gallery building offers alcoved display spaces arranged on either side of a glass-roofed atrium offering plenty of room for visitors to wander and enjoy the art, while the pieces on display for the show cover a broad range of subject matter. Landscape photography and art, avatar portraiture, fantasy and surrealist art and a touch of abstract work are all offered, making this exhibition an ideal visit for those with an interest in still art in Second Life.

The exhibition will officially open at 16:00 SLT on Sunday, November 15th, with a special live performance by Don Devore. This will take place across the road from the gallery at the Ristorante Ivanna, the self-service restaurant and music venue, and run through until 17:00 SLT. Thereafter, the opening event focus will switch to the gallery.  A formal dress code is to be observed.

Ristortante Ivanna will host a live performance by Don during the November-December show opening
Ristortante Ivanna will host a live performance by Don Devore during the November-December show opening

The Windlight Artist Fellowship Programme

As a part of the magazine’s desire to help promote and support artists and photographers, Windlight Magazine and the Windlight Gallery operates the  Windlight Artist Fellowship Programme. This allows artists to apply for free exhibition space at the Windlight gallery for a period of 30 days. Applications are open to artists from across Second Life, and the criteria for acceptance can be found in the Artist Fellowship Programme application form.

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