Enjoy nostalgic radio days in Second Life

Radio Days at The Far Away (image: Ziki Questi)
Radio Days at The Far Away (image: Ziki Questi)

On Saturday, November 21st friend and fellow blogger Ziki Questi and her partner Kinn will be hosting Radio Days at The Far Away, and are cordially inviting people to pop along.

For those unfamiliar with it, The Far Away is the last remaining build in Second Life by the legendary AM Radio. In their time, his builds were regarded as some of the most striking in Second Life, and rightly so. Constructed in 2007, it is smaller than many of the other installations AM Radio built whilst in-world, occupying as it does just a quarter of a region, but it is beautifully TARDIS-like in execution, the surround bordering the build perfectly scaled to give a depth surpassing the parcel’s size.

The Far Away
The Far Away

With AM Radio increasingly less active in Second Life, It might have been that The Far Away would have passed into history had Ziki not stepped in during 2013 to take over caring for the installation for as long as AM Radio is happy to see it remain in Second Life. Since that time, she has kept the region open to visitors, even allowing those who wish to set their home there so as to have a place to log-in to.

Radio Days is a special celebration of The Far Away, and marks the beginning of what Ziki and Kinn hope might be a regular series of events at the installation. Music will be provided by Gabrielle Riel (of Radio Riel), and will be in keeping with the informal 1930s theme – people are invited to come dressed in 30’s period clothing if they wish.

The Far Away
The Far Away

Commenting on the event, Ziki states, “Since taking on care of The Far Away in 2013, I’ve been gratified by the many people who have contributed toward its support (especially Gardakan Mortlock and Boojum (libtc65)). Donations are very welcome at Radio Days on the 21st but not required. We hope you’ll visit, enjoy the space, open your ears to the music, and see new and old friends.”

Those attending might even get to meet AM Radio himself, who is hoping to drop in, although he is travelling in the physical world.


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