Of Madpeas and hatters

I’ve been a little pressed for time recently, with both SL and RL conspiring against me, and in rushing to keep up with things like SL news and SL10BCC, I’ve managed to let a few things slip.

So here’s an attempt to redress the balance on two of them. I recently received nudges about two art exhibitions currently underway: the Madpea Art Festival and Art in Hats – Hats in Art.

MadPea Art Festival

The MadPea Art Festival kicked-off on June 15th and will run through until June 29th.

The first festival of its kind the MadPea crew have organised, the festival show-cases the work of 24 of SL’s top artists, and includes daily entertainment sessions throughout the event from some of SL’s top DJs, live performers and dancers.

The distinctly Tron-esque environment of the MadPea Art Festival
The distinctly Tron-esque environment of the MadPea Art Festival

Located in a very Tron-esque environment high above Salette, the festival is jointly sponsored by MadPea Productions, Branwen Arts, Cha Klaar and Sally Lavender, and features art ranging from sculpture to painting to immersive pieces to the abstract and even the erotic.

Participating artists include: Solkide Auer, Giovanna Cerise, Safi Farspire, Fuschia Nightfire, ArtWolf  Eternal, Rhea Vintner, Ginger Lorakeet , Yaiza Galicia, DavidWeiner Resident, Anrod Meads, Graham Collinson, Harter Fall, Rebeca Bashly, Fae Varriale,  Moeuhane Sandalwood, Daruma, Jessicabelmer, Kylie Sabra, AniWitt, Rag Randt, MadPeas, voidheart mistwalker, Morlita Quan, FirleFanz Roxley and Noke Yuitza.

The MadPea Art Festival
The MadPea Art Festival

Full details of the event, including the entertainment schedule, can be found on the MadPea website.

Art in Hats- Hats in Art

A new exhibition at Veekay Navarathna’s Art India Gallery started on June 17th and runs through until July 28th. Sponsored by AVENUE magazine, it focuses on hats as both a fashion statement and an art statement, bringing together hats from well-known couture designers and SL designers to present images of the hats being worn in a way which tells a story about the hat itself.

Art in Hats - Hats in Art
Art in Hats – Hats in Art

Participating designers and artists include: LB DREAM FASHION,  Annie Klavinham, Annough Lykin, BaObA, Betty Tureaud, BSD Design Studio, “B&W” – Hats & Accessories, Burk Bode, CapCat Ragu, Cold Frog, Couture Chapeau, Dantelicia Ethaniel, Eve Kazan, Grim Bros., Hatters n’Hell, Haveit Neox,  Horus Dover aka Noke Yuitza, Kynne Llewellyn, LODE HEADWEAR, Maloe Vansant, MEB, Meilo Minotaur, Melusina Parkin, nexuno Thespian,  Nur Moo, Paris METRO, Renee Parkes, RO™, Romy Nayar, Sabine Mortensen, Steven Venkman, Syra Hyun, Wizardoz Chrome, The Mad Hattery, WuWai Chun, Zibska.

Art in Hats - Hats in Art
Art in Hats – Hats in Art

Visitor Contest

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to take a basic, full permissions cloche hat, which they can then decorate howsoever they please and take a photo of it (on its own or being worn). Snaps should be passed to Quan Lavender, Art India’s Curator, who will display them in the arrivals area of the exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to vote on the displayed submissions, and the first three winners (as decided by 50/50 vote from visitors and a panel of judges), will be awarded the following prizes:

  • 1st prize: L$3000 voucher to AVENUE Models Academy
  • 2nd prize: L$2000 voucher to AVENUE Models Academy
  • 3rd prize: L$1000 voucher to AVENUE Models Academy

All three winners will also receive a selection of hats featured in the exhibition.

With thanks to Quan Lavender.