Intimate and erotic Moments in Second Life

Dathúil Gallery
Dathúil Gallery

Starting on Monday November 2nd, and running through to the end of the month is a new exhibition at Dathúil Gallery, operated by Max Butoh and curated by Lυcy (LucyDiam0nd).

Moments features a series of images by Shurely Shan, who describes herself as a “Second Life erotic photographer and model, and all-around expert in messing around with stuff.”  given this, it should come as no surprise to visitors to Dathúil  will find Moments has more than a little bit of an erotic / NSFW touch.

Moments - Dathúil Gallery
Moments – Dathúil Gallery

“Over the past two years I have tried to explore intimacy, desire, emotion and passion through photography in Second Life,” Surely states. “Moments is a collection of some of my favourite shots. I hope you enjoy it.”

The result is a selection of images capturing intimate moments, which vary in style from an intimacy with just a hint of eroticism through to those which are both deeply intimate and very sexual in pose and content.

Dathúil Gallery
Moments – Dathúil Gallery

There is also a voyeuristic element to some of the images which gives them an additional twist. The naked woman caught sleeping, for example, is this a picture taken by a lover, capturing that intimate moment of sleep, to be shared with the sleeper when she awakes? Or is it a picture taken entirely in secret, and set to remain outside of the sleeper’s knowledge, thus shifting it into the realm of voyeurism?

And that is the power of each of the images on display; while it may be easy to feel somewhat titillated or offended by the subject matter, the fact is that each of these pictures tells a story, regardless of how much overt sexuality they each display; they are moments caught in time. Moments which can be seen to be deeply personal and involving to those caught within them, and also to the picture taker, whoever we imagine that might be.

Moments - Dathúil Gallery
Moments – Dathúil Gallery

This is the first exhibition to take place in the remodelled Dathúil Gallery, which now sports a tall brick build whilst still retaining the look and feel of a converted distillery. It’s a design that works well, offering a catwalk like upper floor which runs around the four walls of the building, and reached by wooden steps. With its slender brick pillars, overhanging first floor and the opportunity to divide the floorspace into distinct areas, there would appear to be a lot of flexibility in how the spaces within the gallery might be used in future exhibitions.

But right now there is Moments, a display of intensely intimate and beautifully framed scenes, something lovers of adult-themed art should definitely not miss.

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2 thoughts on “Intimate and erotic Moments in Second Life

  1. The build is “Fabbrica 1” from Ex Machina, possibly modded a little (as it comes out of the box the catwalk goes around 3 walls). A wonderful and very popular building particularly in steampunk-oriented communities, this is a fantastic use of it, well done to the Dathuil Gallery!


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