Lab offer “obsolete platforms viewer” for unsupported OS

secondlifeThe recent switch by Linden Lab to an updated set of tools for building the viewer (which are also being adopted by active TPVs) has meant that as viewers built using these new tools will no longer install on either Windows XP or versions of OS X below 10.7.

Given that neither Windows XP or version of OS X below 10.7 are regarded as supported products by either Microsoft or Apple, the most preferable thing for users on them to do is to upgrade. However, in some cases, this might be easier said than done. To help users who might, for whatever reason, be unable to upgrade to a later version of their OS in the short term, the Lab has issued an “obsolete platform viewer” into the viewer release channel, which will be provided for as long as is reasonable – but not indefinitely.

Version of the viewer (dated May 8th although it only appeared in the release channel this past week), is a “static” viewer, meaning:

  • It will not receive new features or bug fixes
  • It will not be promoted to release status
  • It does not change the Lab’s support policy on Windows XP or versions of OS X below 10.7, and is purely – as noted – an interim offering to help people.

The viewer is based on the April 2015 maintenance viewer release (version, and so includes things like the unified snapshot floater.

Given it is offered only for as long as is reasonable, it should not be relied upon for long-term use, but rather as a means for those who prefer the official viewer and who use Windows XP and older versions of OS X to continue to access SL until such time as they are in a position to update their systems (or the viewer has to be withdrawn from use).

As per all the alternate viewers offered by the Lab, the viewer is listed on the Alternate Viewers page of the SL wiki, or you can use the direct link given above to view the official release notes and download options.

8 thoughts on “Lab offer “obsolete platforms viewer” for unsupported OS

  1. Vista Service Pack 1 also fails to install = “not supported”. Unfortunately for me, Service Pack 2 update borks my computer to black screen :/


  2. That’s a sensible move. Whereas XP and OSX 10,7 are no longer supported, viewers will work on those setups. When you add in the reported issue above with a user who can’t install Vista Service Pack 2, it makes even more sense for the Lab to do this.

    I just hope those on older OS realise it’s a plaster not a fix.


  3. The current version of the official viewer does not work on Linux as well. All versions since the tools update. They crash right on start up.


  4. I’m one who is caught in the “can’t yet afford” to update from WinXP. I’ve been using Singularity for a while now because of that issue. I do plan on getting a new computer late summer so this is a God Send to me. I know several others in the same boat with me. We’ve been concerend for a while now because of the Viewer Managed Market place changes. This may just save me for a few more months. Thank you Linden Lab!


    1. Whatever the percentage XP has (and it varies from 11.3% through to 19.15%, depending upon who you read) is irrelevant in Microsoft’s eyes, as they regard it is no longer supported.

      This is reflected in the fact that the tools they produce to build applications like the viewer no longer support installation on XP – such as Visual Studio 2013, which is now being used for the viewer build as it offers significant advantages to the Lab and to TPVs. Prior to the change, the Windows build process used VS 2010, which according to Microsoft comes to the end of its mainstream support in July 2015 (although extended support for those who have it will continue to 2020).

      All the Lab is doing is trying to keep pace with the times.


  5. Well i have xp sp3 on 2 computers and don’t intend to change and honestly i don.t care about MS, they will not make me get 10, 11 or whatever and be sure that there will be non official maintenance packs that will make xp still run for a long time.


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