Lab promotes affiliate programme

On Thursday, April 30th, the Lab put out a blog post reminding people of their Second Life Affiliate Programme.

This programme allows users to associate a sign-up link to Second Life in their own website, blogs, social media channel, etc. They can then earn a commission of US $0.75 every time someone becomes a Second Life user by registering a Second Life account through the affiliate link and then logs-in to Second Life within 45 days of first licking on that link.

The Affiliate Programme has been around for a long time, and is currently run in partnership with CJ Affiliate by Conversant, with whom the Lab first partnered in August 2013. Prior to that, the Affiliate Programme was associated with the Google Affiliate Network and LinkShare.

As indicated in the Lab’s blog post, you should read the Affiliate Programme FAQ, which outlines the steps you need to take to join the programme. A button on that page will also take those interested to the special Second Life sign-up page on the CJ Affiliate by Conversant website.

Should you be considering applying, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The affiliate programme is run through CJ Affiliate by Conversant – not directly by the Lab, so by signing-up to CJ Affiliate by Conversant, you will be a party to their Affiliate Publisher Agreement, which is provided as a part of the sign-up page
  • As the Lab’s FAQ points-out: The Second Life Affiliate commission totals are tabulated every month. Linden Lab pays the Affiliate Network for all qualifying referrals. The Affiliate Network, in turn, distributes these commissions to all qualifying affiliates, aggregating them with payments from other programs – in other words, it is CJ Affiliate by Conversant who pays you, not Linden Lab
  • Obviously, as you are signing-up to CJ Affiliate by Conversant, there is nothing stopping you from adding other suitable advertisers from their list to your blog or website, etc., to further increase your potential for generating revenue
  • If you are a blogger and are considering trying the programme, also keep in mind that if you don’t host your own blog (e.g via something like, you blog supplier might not allow the use of affiliate programmes through their platform (as is the case with, so make sure to check your blogging platform’s ToS.

As the application form notes, if you already use CJ Affiliate by Conversant, you can add Second Life to your account, if you have not already done so.