A wander beneath autumn’s golden boughs

The Sanctuary by the Sea, Brysk; Inara Pey, November 2014, on FlickrThe Sanctuary by the Sea, Brysk (Flickr)

Brysk is a homestead region currently shared between Nailah Carrlucci and Armon Aeon. While the two halves of the region may be independent of one another in terms of ownership, Nailah and Armon have worked to present their lands as one, bringing us a public place caught in an Indian Summer as the trees turn to gold, inviting visitors to explore and relax which winter slowly takes a grip on regions elsewhere…

Nailah’s portion of the region, The Sanctuary by the Sea, features a large stone church with cobbled paths beyond its low surrounding walls. A small tavern – more a converted stone out-house – offers visitors a choice of local wine or ale, both served by the chubby monk in attendance. A towered stone house, one of Maxwell Graf’s beautiful mesh creations, is open to visitors, offering a place to relax and chat with friends. A short distance away and reached either via tree-lined track or across stone bridge, is the landing point, surrounded by trees touched by the changing seasons. This offers another invitation for visitors to sit for a while and pass the time: chairs and loungers from Cory Edo, warmed by a fire pit and with a large stone fountain splashing water nearby.

Sanctuary Falls, Brysk; Inara Pey, November 2014, on FlickrSanctuary Falls, Brysk (Flickr)

Beyond the low line of craggy hills which divide the land, lies Sanctuary Falls, Armon Aeon’s land. This is altogether more rural, a place where red and gold leaves float on an ocean of white-tufted grass and deer wander among grazing horses, while tall trees mix greens and yellows against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains that surround the region. Water is a feature here, with falls, streams and ponds. A touch of fantasy is also caught within the landscape, as tall carven figures stand on either side of one of the waterfalls, and further afield, under the shade of a gnarled tree, an elven couple lay in and eternal stone embrace.

Both The Sanctuary by the Sea and Sanctuary Falls offer visitors a restful visit, and lend themselves to a broad range of windlight settings for photographers. Given their complimentary nature, I couldn’t help but combine them into a single little machinima, which I hope you enjoy (if it doesn’t play at 720p automatically, click the gear wheel and select)!

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My thanks to MorganaCarter Resident for the pointer to Brysk.