A trip to Holly Kai park

Holly Kai Park
Holly Kai Park

I’ve not had too much free time in SL of late; visits have comprised attending meetings or visiting destinations for blog articles and little else. It’s that time of year when demands are being made on my time elsewhere, and even my reserve of articles “in preparation” is starting to look a wee bit thin.

However, I did get the opportunity to go sailing of late, and decided to make my way to Holly Kai, part of the Hollywood estates north of Blake Sea. Until recently I had my home on a corner parcel in the region, and while flying over it a while back, I’d noticed that there was some large-scale redevelopment going on. So, curious to know more, I boarded my little Loonetta 31, Exotix 2, and set out to poke my nose in.

Holly Kai Park
Holly Kai Park

For those unfamiliar with Holly Kai, it’s a residential region, with several private parcels located around a central public park area – and it was this area (together with some modifications to the parcels) that I’d seen undergoing redevelopment. The work has been undertaken by a small team comprising Fred Uralia, Autumnx Rain and Conte Alchemi (who has been responsible for the park’s design), the aim being to enhance the park and offer it as a suitable stopping-off place for those sailing through or exploring the waters to the north of Blake Sea. And I have to say, the results are impressive.

The new park combines a tropical beach area with a summer green park through which streams flow, water falls from rocky banks, trails wind through trees and around rocks, and moorings offer plenty of space for boats to tie-up alongside for a while. It runs from west to east through the middle of the region, with the beach area to the west, although this does admittedly have one of the mooring areas sitting between it and the open waters, although the strategic positioning of palm trees means that it doesn’t spoil the view per se.

Holly Kai Park
Holly Kai Park

One the east side of the region is a further mooring area, this one located alongside an events / party area built out over the water. Between this and the beach sits the main park, separated from the latter by the sweep of a stream as it runs between steep rocky banks. Here visitors can wander as thy please, following the trail that leads the way around the river bank, or climbing the slope up to a flat, grassy plateau and a weathered wooden deck overlooking the river, while another path winds through tall oak and beech trees, linking the park and beach together.

For those exploring the waters north of Blake Sea, Holly Kai park offers a relaxing stop-off point for any trip – auto return is set to 60 minutes, which should allow good time for exploring, and boats can be rezzed at the mooring areas.

The park officially opens on Saturday, November 8th, but visitors are already welcome. Once open, the park will feature an open-air art display, with pieces from artists displayed throughout the grounds, and pieces and artists rotated every so often to keep things fresh.

Holly Kai Park
Holly Kai Park

All told, a lovely new addition to the waters around Blake Sea, and one worth watching.

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