Machinima and me – take 2

Back in September, I took my first stab at producing a “proper” piece of machinima. by that, I mean actually filming in-world and then editing the thing together, rather than just editing images and adding a soundtrack.

The results were mixed; while the PC had the omph to do things, I encountered issues with video formats and conversion which resulted in the first attempt suffering from degraded video quality.

Since then, I’ve not really had the time to focus on things as fully as I would like, but I have been tinkering as and when I can, and getting some guidance – I’d particularly like to thank Ormand Lionheart for her invaluable assistance and suggestions, and also (while he isn’t actually a Second Life user), JN, who also came to my aid when I encountered issues with my updated editing software.

For my second test, I took the liberty of filming on Jordan Giant’s evocative The Colder Water, about which I blogged back in August. The selection was based both on the fact that I love the environment and setting on the region, and the music I wanted to use, Doulogue by Javolenus seemed to fit the region.

The video is by no means perfect – had some issues with the actual recording when in-world, which has resulted in a slight jerkiness in the video. I also need a lot more practice with the Space Navigator (and get it set to my liking); but hopefully the improvements in overall quality can be seen, now I (sort-of) know what I’m doing.


6 thoughts on “Machinima and me – take 2

  1. This is great you have improved a lot! Iam so looking forward to seeing what you do with your new skills. Your view of Colder water is beautiful.


    1. TY!

      I think I need to play with a few more codecs to improve things a little more; both xvid and motion jpeg didn’t seem to want to run smoothly with SL, no matter how I tweaked the latter.


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