SL project updates week 40/1: server, CDN

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Server Deployments Week 40

As always, please refer to the server deployment forum thread for the latest news and updates.

On Tuesday September 30th, the Main (SLS) channel received the server maintenance package previously deployed to the three primary RC channels (BlueSteel, Magnum and LeTigre). This updated focuses on the Experience Tools project and includes the following updates:

  • llGetExperienceDetails(), now includes group_id in return list. In addition,
  •  llUpdateKeyValue() now correctly creates a key if it did not previously exist
  • Objects using experience permissions and llAttachToAvatar() are no longer automatically detached when leaving an area where the Experience is allowed.

On Wednesday October 1st, the three primary RC channels should all receive the same new server maintenance package which fixes a bug related to viewing parcel details in gaming regions.

SL Viewer

The SL viewer list remains as per my Current Releases page, namely:

  • Release viewer: version (formerly the Maintenance RC, promoted on September 22nd – release notes
  • RC viewerS:
    • Log-in release candidate viewer (September 25th), with the updated viewer log-in splash screens – download and release notes
  • Project viewers:
    • Benchmark project viewer version (September 10th) featuring the removal of the GPU table – download and release notes
    • Experience Keys project viewer version 10th) – managing Experiences and for contributing content for Experiences – download and release notes
    • Oculus Rift project viewer version (July 22nd) support for Oculus Rift – download.

CDN Work

As noted in a separate report, the Lab has issued an update on various projects, including viewer changes and the CDN. At the Open-source User Group meeting on Monday September 29th,, it was intimated that Highwinds Network Group are the CDN operator, who supply CDN services to the likes of Valve (Steam), Funcom, Meteor Entertainment, GameFly, and others.

At present, there are 10 regions known to be using the CDN service, although additional regions may have been added to the Snack channel on Monday September 29th – we just don’t have an updated list of regions available.

4 thoughts on “SL project updates week 40/1: server, CDN

  1. I managed to find a list of Highwinds server locations and the number of POP (Point Of Presence) locations at each. Note that due to Load Balancing you will not always be routed to the server geographically nearest, also geographic distance is often not the same as network distance. If you are located very close to the LL servers you may be routed there rather than the CDN servers.
    Highwinds CDN Server Locations & (POP count at each location)
    North America:
    Ashburn (13)
    Atlanta (2)
    Chicago (4)
    Dallas (4)
    Los Angeles (13)
    Miami (1)
    New York (8)
    Newark (1)
    Phoenix (6)
    San Francisco (2)
    San Jose/Sunnyvale (7)
    Seattle (3)
    Toronto (3)
    Amsterdam (6)
    Brussels (1)
    Frankfurt (1)
    London (2)
    Paris (1)
    Madrid (1)
    Stockholm (1)
    Seoul (1)
    Singapore (1)
    Tokyo (1)
    Sidney (1)
    South America:
    Rio de Janero (1)
    San Paulo (3)

    note: none in China, the Middle-East or Africa

    from by compairing with any other provider


  2. Liden Lab awlays on the back of the platoon, with the newest servers and providers being allocated in Portugal via Portugal telecom is rather strange they bet on Spain.


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