VWBPE 2014: it’s time to make connections

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Wednesday April 9th, 2014 marks the start of the 7th annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) conference, which will be taking place in both Second Life and OS Grid.

The theme for this year’s event is Connections, and as I’ve previously covered, it will include a series of keynote speakers and a series of panel discussions across the four days of the conference, and more besides.

To help spread the word / remind people of the event, Mal Burns has published a promotional video on You Tube.

Full details on conference events can be found on the VWBPE conference calendar. However, for ease-of-reference, here’s a quick rundown of the keynote speakers and the discussion panels:

Wednesday April 9th

Thursday April 10th

The VWBPE Central Auditorium, Second Life
The VWBPE Central Auditorium, Second Life, April 2014

Friday April 11th

Saturday April 12th

Notes on Attending

The VWBPE conference is free to attend, and those wishing to do so in-world should register via the conference registration page on Eventbrite. Attendees will also need accounts for both Second Life and OSgrid in order to attend all events on both grids.

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3 thoughts on “VWBPE 2014: it’s time to make connections

  1. So looking forward to this. Wish I could be in world for more of the events, but at least I should be able to watch the stream for some of them.


  2. Next Connective #vwbpe #vwbpe14 Step >
    #iED Immersive Education Initiative “Education Grid” Requirement Specifications http://ht.ly/vy6h5
    Second Life Fails to Comply!


    1. As far as I can ascertain from an admittedly quicly look through them, those specifications are a) draft; b) inclusive of SL and other grid-based VWs. SL is even given as an illustrative example.


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