A Starfall at Twilight

Starfall's Twilight's Edge, April 2014 by Inara PeyStarfall’s Twilight’s Edge, April 2014

I came across Starfall’s Twilight’s Edge after poking my nose into Caminante De Suenos, which I’m prone to do from time-to-time. The region caught my eye due to its use of water – regular readers of this blog know I’m always fascinated by such regions, so having a relatively quiet couple of hours on an Easter Monday afternoon ahead of an Open-source Developer Meeting, I jumped over to take a look.

A homestead region, Starfall’s Twilight’s Edge is maintained by the Starfall Creative Group, who describe themselves as, “a  group of avatars dedicated promoting the artistic growth of virtual world art and communing on a full-sim co-op dedicated to virtual world art in all its forms.” Their description of the region goes on:

We have voice performance nights with poetry/ live music/ readings/ particle shows weekly – individual particle artists and group events scheduled. All we ask in return is that you help others grow in their art.  We promote artistic endeavors and do not criticize individual efforts. Thank you &  Welcome!  

Starfall's Twilight's Edge, April 2014 by Inara PeyStarfall’s Twilight’s Edge, April 2014

This is very much a region of two parts and hidden secrets. One arrives in the watery environment designed by group members Nezzy (inez pennell) and imp (cinderr resident). Overhead is a burnished sky. Rocks and denuded trees form the major elements of the landscape, forming several distinct areas. Alongside some of these sit tall wooden enclosures or low wooden platforms with space to sit and relax. Here and there, hardy grass pokes its head above the water, and around the outer reaches of the region stand a number of trees looking somewhat healthier than those sharing space with the rocks. Off in the north-west corner sits a tall, flat-topped rocky outcrop, where sits a mud house and an open-air live performance area.

Starfall's Twilight's Edge, April 2014 by Inara PeyStarfall’s Twilight’s Edge, April 2014

If all this sounds desolate, don’t be fooled. The minimalist approach is highly effective and gives the region a pleasing look and feel, while the various little groups of rocks and trees offers one or more art pieces by the likes of Weno Xeno, Garvie Garzo and Andred Qinan, waiting to be discovered as one explores.

At the centre of the region sit two oversize Koi carp, marking the entrance to the second half of the region – the underwater gardens. Here can be found some of Elicio Ember’s remarkable creations, as well as other flora by Imp and others, together with ancient, flooded ruins and more, inviting exploration.

Starfall's Twilight's Edge, April 2014 by Inara PeyStarfall’s Twilight’s Edge, April 2014

Keep an eye out for the notice board at ground level as well; not only does it include a greeting for visitors to the region, it also provides the means to reach a couple of the hidden secrets up in the sky.

Those wishing to keep abreast of events run by the Starlight Creative Group or who wish to have rezzing rights in the region, are invited to join the group. The latter are asked to kindly make sure they collect their prims after use.

Starfall's Twilight's Edge, April 2014 by Inara PeyStarfall’s Twilight’s Edge, April 2014

With one of the best music streams I’ve come across in a long time (inasmuch as throughout my stay, much of the music I tend to have on in the background at home was played), Starfall Twilight’s Edge is a gem that has gone onto my list of regions to keep an eye on!

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Viewer release summaries 2014: week 16

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    • VoiceMO RC viewer updated to version released on April 18 – core updates: combines the Voice RC viewer and the Merchant Outbox RC viewer (download and release notes)
  • Project viewers:
    • SL Share 2 project viewer updated to version on April 15 – core updates: Flickr / Twitter / Facebook upload support with snapshot filtering options (download and release notes)

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  • CtrlAltStudio released Mac version on April 14th – core updates: parity with the Windows 1.2.0 release (download and release notes)


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  • Pocket Metaverse updated to version 1.9.1 on April 18th – core updates: removal of support for iOS 6.0 and earlier (download and release notes)

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