Starlight in Aspen Fell

Aspen Fell, April 2014Aspen Fell, April 2014

I happened across Aspen Fell by chance when poking my nose in the Destination Guide. A Homestead region open to the public, the region is described as:

…A great place to relax and get away from it all. This artfully darkened location is open to the public for all to enjoy, so set to estate/region settings and make sure you have your music turned on. Come get lost in perfection.

Aspen Fell, April 2014Aspen Fell, April 2014

The landing point is beneath a tall tower which appears to owe something of its design to the work of Monsieur Gustave Eiffel, and which is located in the south-east corner of the region. From here one can wander along a promenade bordering the sea or head on inland.

As the description from the Destination Guide indicates, the default lighting for the region is on the dark side, suggestive of a time somewhat after the last glow of sunlight has faded from the sky but when a light mist prevents darkness falling completely. Free-standing lamps and lights wrapped around trees mark routes and footpaths, and the warm glow of braziers shines from up in the hills and on the beach, while overhead a rich aurora dances around the sky.

Keeping to the default windlight means that exploring the region is a walk of discovery; the lamps along the paths and beside gateways and bridges help to mark your route, while the misty darkness keeps you guessing as to what may be lying around the next corner or at the top of the next winding hill path. The mist isn’t the only element of the weather to make its presence felt, sheet lighting periodically flashes near the tower, while up on the hills inland, snow falls steadily.

Aspen Fell, April 2014Aspen Fell, April 2014

For those who prefer a little more light by which to explore, the region works will with a number of windlight options, although I’d suggest those which offer a feeling of dusk or evening, or which carry with them a hint of mist, perhaps work the best.

Where you wander is entirely up to you. Take the steps down to the promenade, and you can make your way to a set of gates leading to a small intimate space for dancing, complete with a grand piano and places to sit. Beyond this, a wooded path will take you past a stone pavilion and wooden deck, over a bridge and eventually to the beach, watched over by the slender finger of a lighthouse.


Aspen Fell, April 2014Aspen Fell, April 2014

Follow the other path from the landing point as it leads you up into the hills, and it will take you up twisting trails, across bridges spanning deep gorges and over the snow-capped highlands before eventually coming down on the far side of the region close to the lighthouse. Here sits a broad lake, overlooked by a house up on a promontory, with a meadow and barn below bordering the far side of the lake and reached via bridges from the beach and lighthouse.

Whether you’re look for a romantic evening stroll or dance with a companion, wish to take a late evening wander and enjoy the aurora, or simply find a spot to sit and think, Aspen Fell could be what you’re looking for. Opportunities for the photographer are myriad, and it is worth juggling around with windlights while exploring, as mentioned, even if the default does add a special atmosphere to the region.

Aspen Fell, April 2014Aspen Fell, April 2014

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