Linden Lab announces anaglyph 3D compatibility!

So… can’t wait for Oculus Rift? Fed-up with no 3D capability on the Linden Viewer with nVidia 3D glasses?

Well, fear not! On April 1st, the Lab announced FULL SUPPORT for anaglyph glasses! This great news was announced in a blog post which reads in part:

As we’ve previously blogged, we recently integrated the Oculus Rift with the Second Life Viewer; users with the development headset can try out the beta now and experience Second Life in a uniquely immersive way. Today, we’re happy to announce another exciting new way to experience Second Life: anaglyph 3D mode.

We think this will appeal to literally dozens of Second Life users nostalgic for the kind of 3D experiences provided by comic books, cereal boxes, and B-movies.

Hungry for nostalgia? Linden Lab's new project viewer brings you just that!
Hungry for nostalgia? Linden Lab’s new project viewer brings you just that!

The post goes on:

A key immersion feature of the Oculus Rift is the ability to look around the world by moving your head. This works with the anaglyph 3D mode as well. Simply attach the monitor to your head and coordinate your camera controls with your head movements.

Those wishing to take advantage of this latest innovation from the Lab, a company which demonstrates it can look backwards as well as forwards, can grab the project viewer today – but be quick, this is a one-day opportunity only!

6 thoughts on “Linden Lab announces anaglyph 3D compatibility!

  1. First Facebook acquires Oculus VR… Then Yahoo! acquires View-Master… And now LL promotes Anaglyph… I’m sure total immersion fans will rejoice!


  2. There was a Viewer that provided this option, quite a while back, back when there were several V1 viewers still around. It wouldn’t work now, of course. As I recall, it used some code that had come out of a university to produce the anaglyphs, and it would be a big job doing the same with current graphics.

    This is, if it’s an April Fool, the worst sort. It’s something that has been done in the past, It’s something that could be done. It’s something that is well understood, a lot of overlap with the Oculus Rift, only differing in how the image pair is presented, and if it’s an April Fool it would be too much like dropping the Mesh Deformer project and not releasing Fitted Mesh.


    1. Kirsten Lee’s viewer had anaglyph support, yes.

      I don’t think the joke is bad, considering the context. And it shows the Lab’s sense of humour hasn’t totally died.


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