A bed for all seasons? That’s PrimPossible!

The Primpossible Infinite Bed: it's an Asian-style with bedside tables ...
The PrimPossible Infinite Bed: it’s an Asian-style with bedside tables …

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of Ample Clarity’s  PrimPossible range. Sculpts they may be, but his furniture and other items offer incredible versatility and style for those on a land impact / prim budget. And as I think I’ve mentioned, I’m totally in love with his concert grand, which still graces the upper terrace at my home (and I have a number of his other items indoors and out).

When last reviewing his work, I covered his decor HUD, which can create in excess of 400 different items from a single sculpt. Now he’s extended that capability into the bedroom.

The 1-Prim Infinite Bedroom literally offers you a bed for all seasons (and styles). Whether you want a four-poster bed, something with an Asian or a Victorian feel to it, something a little rustic or very modern or chic – all are available from the one bed.

The "sleigh" bed in red, with bedside tables
…and now it’s a “sleigh” bed in red, with bedside tables…

Using the menu, the user can create one of ten different bed styles / looks, some of which include bedside tables and have different colour / texture options. Given my penchant for things oriental, I was drawn to the Asian bed styles, and particularly the “complete” version, which has bedside tables to accompany the bed (see the top picture). That said,  I do confess the wood finish is a little on the dark side for me;  something a little lighter and more towards a walnut or mahogany would settle on my eye a little easier – but that’s just me.

The Infinite Bed is supplied in two variants – PG and Adult – both of which include a range of individual and couple poses for sleeping, cuddling, relaxing, sitting, kissing, dance and, umm, nookie  (in the case of the Adult variant). There are apparently some 300 animations in total in the beds, and no, I haven’t tried all of them out! Both variants come as NO MOD / TRANSFER, with the NO COPY version costing L$950 and the copy version L$3,200.

How about a four-poster?
or how about a four-poster?

For those who are on a prim budget and who like to vary the furnishing in their homes, the PrimPossible range has always offered great value. With the introduction of the shape changing capabilities into the range, this is being enhanced even further, and the 1-Prim Infinite Bedroom is already proving popular among those familiar with Ample’s work.

I wonder if a lounge suite with similar capabilities is in the works … ?

And another Asian-style design for the bed
And another Asian-style design for the bed

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