A bed for all seasons? That’s PrimPossible!

The Primpossible Infinite Bed: it's an Asian-style with bedside tables ...
The PrimPossible Infinite Bed: it’s an Asian-style with bedside tables …

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of Ample Clarity’s  PrimPossible range. Sculpts they may be, but his furniture and other items offer incredible versatility and style for those on a land impact / prim budget. And as I think I’ve mentioned, I’m totally in love with his concert grand, which still graces the upper terrace at my home (and I have a number of his other items indoors and out).

When last reviewing his work, I covered his decor HUD, which can create in excess of 400 different items from a single sculpt. Now he’s extended that capability into the bedroom.

The 1-Prim Infinite Bedroom literally offers you a bed for all seasons (and styles). Whether you want a four-poster bed, something with an Asian or a Victorian feel to it, something a little rustic or very modern or chic – all are available from the one bed.

The "sleigh" bed in red, with bedside tables
…and now it’s a “sleigh” bed in red, with bedside tables…

Using the menu, the user can create one of ten different bed styles / looks, some of which include bedside tables and have different colour / texture options. Given my penchant for things oriental, I was drawn to the Asian bed styles, and particularly the “complete” version, which has bedside tables to accompany the bed (see the top picture). That said,  I do confess the wood finish is a little on the dark side for me;  something a little lighter and more towards a walnut or mahogany would settle on my eye a little easier – but that’s just me.

The Infinite Bed is supplied in two variants – PG and Adult – both of which include a range of individual and couple poses for sleeping, cuddling, relaxing, sitting, kissing, dance and, umm, nookie  (in the case of the Adult variant). There are apparently some 300 animations in total in the beds, and no, I haven’t tried all of them out! Both variants come as NO MOD / TRANSFER, with the NO COPY version costing L$950 and the copy version L$3,200.

How about a four-poster?
or how about a four-poster?

For those who are on a prim budget and who like to vary the furnishing in their homes, the PrimPossible range has always offered great value. With the introduction of the shape changing capabilities into the range, this is being enhanced even further, and the 1-Prim Infinite Bedroom is already proving popular among those familiar with Ample’s work.

I wonder if a lounge suite with similar capabilities is in the works … ?

And another Asian-style design for the bed
And another Asian-style design for the bed

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Can you get 400+ decor items with one prim? PrimPossible!

Sculpts are not everyone’s cup of tea, it has to be said; but even in the age of mesh, and despite their cost in terms of download and rendering, etc., they remain popular for a range of things: furniture, plants, building elements and so on.

One person who has turned the sculpt into something of a creative art form is Ample Clarity. I’ve covered his work a number of times in this blog, and I confess that I’m a big fan of his top-of-the-line concert grand piano, which still graces my home (as does one of his furniture suite, a patio lounger and a bedroom set!).

Now he’s done it again, with the PrimPossible Unlimited Decor Menu and HUD. This is a single sculpted prim which, via a menu (and a HUD to speed the rezzing process in the wearer’s view) can become any one of over 100 works of art or one of 300 rugs, or one of 42 different potted plants, one of 8 different lamps, a guitar, a violin, a dressing table, a desk with a computer, one of a number of tables, a telescope… the list goes on.

The PrimPossible Decor Menu  - one sculpt, many shapes (and sizes and finishes)
The PrimPossible Decor Menu – one sculpt, many shapes (and sizes and finishes) – image courtesy of Ample Clarity

This is quite a remarkable feat; and for those who are pushed for space, land impact-wise, the system potentially offers a neat way of flicking between various furniture options without having to worry about the associated prim counts.

The decor menu comes in two variants. The basic model is no Mod / Copy / Transfer, and costs L$100, allowing you to one create and display one item at a time. This is ideal if you’re only interested in using it for a single rug or painting, as it still means that you can change the appearance of the rug or painting to suit your mood. However, the second version is Copy, no Mod / Transfer, and costs L$800. Being copyable means that you can use shift-drag to create multiple versions and then change each of them to create a new object in your home.

As well as offering an impressive range of options and shapes, the menu also controls the tint / glow / shine associated with an object; so that lamps, for example can be made to look as if they are “on” by adding a level of glow. the menu also offers resizing along all three axes and for those who know what they are doing, to add custom textures – just do remember that the objects are all one prim, so care needs to be taken to achieve a desired result.

The glow options can simulate a lighting effect in the lamps
The glow options can simulate a lighting effect in the lamps

There are obviously some limitations to the system; individual items are unscripted, obviously, and as they are formed out of a sculpt, fine detailing on some can be a little rough in places; a coffee cup which is a little more octagonal than round, for example, while the headstock on the guitar is oddly angled. Given how far Ample is pushing the sculpt, little oddments are perhaps not surprising, and they don’t detract from the overall usability of the system.

Certainly, and as mentioned above, for those on a prim budget, the copyable version of the Decor Menu offers a nice degree of flexibility for adding decorative touches and furnishings to your home; for my part, I find the decor lamp particularly attractive, and the piles of books help add a “lived-in” feeling to a place. All-in-all, an intriguing addition to the PrimPossible range.

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Another PrimPossibility – a bathroom on a prim*

*Update 13th February: Ample has contacted me to inform me he has now released both a single-prim version of the bathroom (which includes the mirror, rug, drains, and toilet water) and a 3-prim version (which allows items to be re-positioned). Both of these feature updated animations and add tremenous flexibility to the bathroom suite. This review has been updated to reflect the new releases.

I’ve been following Ample Clarity’s development of his remarkable PrimPossible range for a good while now. Back in September 2012, I visited his updated showroom and took a peek at some upcoming products.

One of these latter items was Ample’s bathroom suite, which was formally launched in January 2013.

Originally a 2-prim set, the bathroom is now available in either a 1-prim or a 3-prim version (the latter allowing the furnishings to be individually placed). As with all of Ample’s work, the suite uses sculpted prims and packs in a heck of a lot.

The PrimPossible 2-prim bathroom suite
The PrimPossible 2-prim bathroom suite

The basic set comprises a prim which rezzes the loo, hand basin and bath, and a second which rezzes into a bath mat, plugs holes for the bath and basin and water for the loo basin. Touching any part of the suite brings up a menu which allows you to change the style of the between one of two options, change the colour scheme and shine applied to the furnishings, and rez other optional items, comprising a shower head (shown above), a hairbrush, toothbrush, loo roll (toilet paper), soap and, for the smokers out there, a cigarette. The toilet paper, toothbrush and hairbrush can be placed in world as required, or the toothbrush and hairbrush can be worn (no default animations with these, but see below).

The menu will also supply a set of instructions, and a special bonus gift of 1-prim curtains / drapes which can be used almost anywhere in a house and which open / close on touching.

The shower head, once rezzed can be placed over the bath and when touched, will deliver water.

The PrimPossible bathroom suite showing the alternate bath style, and alternative mirror style and with colour / shine applied to furnishings
The PrimPossible bathroom suite showing the alternate bath style, and alternative mirror style and with colour / shine applied to furnishings

Touching the mirror will similarly bring up a menu allowing the style of the mirror to be switched between one of five options.

Right-clicking the bath and selecting sit opens up a pose menu, offering a range of bath, shower, loo, hand basin and “misc” options – the latter including one for brushing your teeth when wearing the toothbrush, while one of the “misc” option will allow you to brush your hair using the supplied brush. Poses are divided between “singles”, “couples” and “XXX”, with some further split between male and female. The bath poses include options for relaxing and washing, and when in the tub, the water will appear.

This is another nice addition to the PrimPossible range which again brings Ample’s considerable skill to bear on providing feature-rich solutions with a low prim count / land impact. For those working on a prim budget, you really can’t do better than paying a visit to the PrimPossible store, either in-world or on the Marketplace.


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A PrimPossible Update

I don’t usually run product reviews (as I’ve mentioned in the past!) – and am unlikely to start. For one thing, others do it so much better than I. For another, I actually don’t tend to buy that much nowadays; nigh-on six years in SL with this avie, and I have an inventory which would probably terrify me were not 3/4s of it packed away…

However, I’ve been in love with Ample Clarity’s PrimPossible range for a good while now, and I decided in my wanderings to go take a peek at what he’s been up to of late. Turns out, rather a lot!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ample’s work, he specialises in producing comprehensive furniture suites and other items using a single sculpt, offering tremendous value for those operating on a land impact budget. I’ve used Ample’s furnishings extensively – notably in my Linden Home, where they are of huge benefit in allowing me to have a comfortable set-up with a minimal prim outlay (allowing me to “mod” the house somewhat.

The PrimPossible store with a demonstrator of the new sim extender in the foreground

One of the new offerings from Ample is an “all-in-one” sim surround, which provides a customisable mountain range to surround a region which features 24 different mountain shapes and 476 different textures to produce a range of finished effects. It can fully sround a sim, or be set to display on just or or two sides. I’m personally ambivalent about sim extenders – while they can dramatically improve the vista surrounding a private sim, I’m not altogether sure they also don’t cause viewer issues to varying degrees; I certainly appear to encounter more issues on sims employing extenders than I do with those that do not. Whether this is indicative of a real problem, or something with my system, I’ve no idea. However, this offering from Ample appears to provide a very tidy option to those who wish to extend the view around their sim with a potentially flexible means of doing so which doesn’t limit them to a single layout / style. More on this item can be found on Ample’s SL Marketplace store.

It’s really Primpossible furniture that I’m in love with.  As noted above, I use Ample’s furniture in my Linden Home;  the only reason it’s not in use in my primary SL home at the mo is that it doesn’t quite suit the design of my skyhome – although that’ll likely change the next time the building itch strikes!.

In the meantime, Ample has extended his range of suites and set-ups, and one at least has alredy caught my eye and got me thinking about home changes so that I can fit it in! This is the indoor / outdoor corner sofa, a 5-seat unit with over 1,000 texture options, allowing it to be used – as the name suggests – indoors or outdoors. As with all of Ample’s lounge suites, it is powered by the AVsitter engine, and it includes 190 sit, cuddle, dance, and other animations.

The new indoor/outdoor sofa

I’ve also previously covered Ample’s kitchen range which helps to complete a home. He’s now in the process of bringing out a bathroom suite as well, for those who like their homes fully and realistically furnished. Comprising a bath, washbasin, loo and even a toilet roll, the suite is sculpted from a single prim and includes a range of washing animations. I’m not personally into bathrooms or kitchens within SL myself, but I’m aware Ample’s kitchens are already very popular; once the bathroom suite is formally launched, I’m guessing it will also find popularity.

Coming soon: the new bathroom suite

As well as furnishing, etc., Ample also produces what amounts to a “one stop” potted plant. A single prim plant and pot which you can set to any one of 114 different plants, and also re-texture the pot itself to one of 16 different styles – and both plant and pot can be resized. At L$100 per flower, this provides a means to quickly and relatively inexpensively have indoor plants which you can change to suit your mood and / or the season (a copy version is also available on the Marketplace at L$800).

I’m an unabashed fan of Ample’s work, and I’m happy to admit so. I love his fully featured grand piano – which is a hard thing to say after my long love affair with Persephone Milk’s beautiful Musical Alchemy concert grand. Ample’s own top-of-the-range concert grand is simply a wonder, and I love having it gracing either of my homes (it’s “on show” at the Linden Home right now, but liable to bounce back to my little sky home soon!).

My PrimPossible Linden Home: downstairs I have a primpossible lounge suite complete with tables, books, lamp and rug, concert grand and plant – all one prim piece; upstairs a bedroom suite with bead, bedside tables and lamp, etc., and a further sofa – all at 1 prim apiece

For those who haven’t tried Ample’s work, whether or not prim counts / land impact ceilings are an issue, I really do recommend you take a look. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Not only are his items very well made and represent really good value, I can – as I’ve mentioned in a previous piece on his work – speak from first-hand experience of his superb customer care. In fact, I’ve little doubt I’ll be back at his store in a couple of days to pick up that indoor / outdoor sofa, which is calling to me even as I write this!

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A Kitchen on a prim? now that’s PrimPossible!

A while ago I blogged on Ample Clarity’s remarkable Prim Possible range – and how he has managed to squeeze an incredible series of furniture items into single sculpted prims – notably lounge suites and bedroom furniture.

At the time of my original article, I mentioned Ample was working on a range of kitchens, again using his skills with bending sculpts to his will. The range actually launched in December, but I’ve been so caught-up bouncing around with other bits, it has taken me a while to settle down and give them a good look.

And I have to say that, once again, they are remarkable.

The units current come in left- and right-hand L-shaped galley units (a “straight” galley style is listed as “coming soon” in the store), and stand as another demonstration as to what can be crammed into a single prim in terms of looks and capabilities.

Each unit comprises a series of base and bridge cabinets, with a double refrigerator (or ‘fridge / freezer combo), a sink, a dishwasher and an oven and hob. Pretty standard stuff for a kitchen – and on first looks, little different to other low-prim options. That is until a) you remember these are just a single prim, and b) you touch them.

PrimPossible 1-prim kitchen

A New Kitchen Every Day

Clicking on a unit will bring up a menu which allows you to:

  • Change the colour of the cabinets
  • Change the appearance of the appliances
  • Select from a number of pre-set cabinet / appliance colour styles
  • Change the cabinet finish from matt to shiny
  • Set the tap to running water or turn it off
  • Menu-driven resizing
  • Access controls.

You can even have the kitchen dispense a range of food and beverages, which you can either hold, or put out on display…

So, if you don’t like the default finish to the kitchen, you can remodel with a click. In fact, you can, if you want, have a “new” kitchen every day of the week with a couple of clicks apiece! Pretty amazing from a single prim…!

All change

Some might argue that the units lack detail – there are no handles on the cabinets, for example; the hob is a texture, doors don’t open. Given the fact that the entire kitchen *is* only one prim, such “compromises” are inevitable  – but they hardly detract from the value of the units, particularly when many multi-prim offerings “only” have textures for hobs, etc. What’s more, Ample hasn’t skimped on things, the texture he uses are crisp and detailed.

Crisp appliance textures

I’m actually someone who doesn’t tend to go for kitchens and the like in my homes in SL – but with these units, and Ample’s single-prim dining sets, the temptation is there to add something, if only for display purposes.

Running water – no extra prim!

New Furniture Set

Alongside the kitchen, Ample has also released a new lounge suite for those that wish to have more flexibility in placing their chairs and sofa. The set consists of a sofa and two armchairs, all with a more “traditional” look to them compared to the suites I reviewed in November 2011, and each item comes as a single prim – so 3 prims for the set. The complete set includes over 150 animation between the various seats, and 108 texture / colour combinations – the chairs and sofa are all individually menu-driven.

If I’m brutally honest, some of the textures within the set (to me) suffer some scaling issues – but there are enough options in the set to provide some nice finishes and looks.

Sofa & armchairs set (3 prims), with kitchen behind

Overall, this items – the kitchen especially – should appeal to the prim-conscious who like their homes to have a high level of detail; they expand the PrimPossible range perfectly, and again, the kitchen cleanly demonstrates what can be done with sculpties with time, patience and talent.


  • Permissions (kitchen and sofa+ armchairs): NO COPY /NO MOD / NO XFER
  • Price: kitchen: L$950; sofa+ 2 armchairs: L$950
  • Obtained via PrimPossible in-world, or search “PrimPossible” or “Ample Clarity” on SL Marketplace.

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Furnish a house in 10 prims? PrimPossible!

Note 8th January 2012: I now have a review of Ample’s new kitchens.

I don’t really do product reviews in this blog, mainly because others do them so much better than I. But that said, there is a product range I’ve recently become aware of that is worth a mention, as it is pretty neat – especially for those living on a prim budget. It’s the PrimPossible range by Ample Clarity, and it means you can pretty much furnish the major rooms of your house without taking up more than 10 prims.

Yes, that’s right, 10 prims.

Ample uses sculpties to create his furniture – and uses them to great effect. Take his lounge suites. The “full” packs include a 2-seat sofa, an armchair, rug, and generally a coffee table & side table, furniture shadows, together with various extras depending on the set (such as a set of books or a plant on the coffee table, a lamp on the side table, etc.) – and all in a single prim! They even come in a number of styles, either with or without exterior frames.

Lounge suite

Fully menu-driven, the suites include a comprehensive range of male, female and unisex sitting and other animations (massages, dances). All of the animations are fully adjustable, and as Ample uses AVSitter, there are no poseballs and the scripting takes care of where to sit additional people – little risk of you finding a friend ending up on your lap by mistake! The range of sitting options is impressive, and all of the animations are of an excellent standard, and fully adjustable.

A further button on the menu – EXTRAS – provides access to colour-changing options, an allows you to remove unwanted elements – don’t like the potted plant? remove it! want to use your own rug? remove the supplied one! The DEFAULT button will return removed items – although it’s a shame they cannot be toggled on/off individually.

One prim, but still a choice of colours and rug styles

There are also other packs comprising an armchair and sofa (1 prim each) for those that would like the option of adjusting the relative position of their furnishings.

The beds are similar to the suites, but with far more colour combinations. Available in two styles – one somewhat Japanese Gaijan style, the other what I’ll describe as “European modern” – and both nicely styled. They again include a comprehensive range of animations, options to remove unwanted elements (bedside lamps, etc.), and colour changing – and once again, they are a single prim. Like the lounge suites, removed items can be replaced once more by selecting the DEFAULT option from the menu.

Modern bed style

Obviously, it all being one-prim, the lounge suites and beds don’t include scripts for the table lamps (not unless you want a glow-in-the dark sofa or bed!), but it’s a simple matter to add scripted illumination if you wish via phantom invisiprims, suitably scripted and placed over the lamps themselves.

The prim perfect range also includes:

  • A selection of dining table options with 4 chairs & seating animations
  • Hot tubs (currently only available via the SL Marketplace due to the adult rating of some of the animations)
  • A range of three pianos
  • And – coming soon – one prim kitchen ranges.


I came across PrimPossible as a direct result of the pianos. As friends know, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with my Musical Alchemy concert grand by Persephone Milk; I regard it as the finest prim piano in SL and the options it includes are stunning. However, even in its basic display mode, it does eat-up 85 prims; that’s a lot when you’re on a budget. At one prim, the PrimPossible pianos offer those with limited prim space a worthwhile alternative.

At the time of writing, Ample has three models in the range, priced between L$450 and L$1200. All have the same selection of 15 pieces of music, the same seating animation and the same clarity of playback with a good volume range. However, there are other differences.

PrimPossible concert grand installed at home

I initially tried the L$450 model; it is nice enough in terms of styling and is apparently very popular. I’m sadly a detail nut, and I was personally disappointed with the out-of-scale texture used for the piano’s interior workings. Those who are as obsessive as me in this regard may find the L$950 model a better option. This not only fixes the internal texture issue, it also adds colour-changing and the ability to have the lid open or closed.

However, for me the Rolls-Royce of the range is the L$1200 model. It is simply stunning. The look is very refined and the traditional black lacquer finish (there are other colour versions available, but I’m a traditionalist) is excellent. This model lacks the lid open / closed options, but includes a very nicely-done shadow effect. It is also slightly larger than the L$460/L$950 models, so I think of it as a concert grand. All told, it’s a beautiful item, and I’m now proud to have one at home.


PrimPossible is an impressive range. At L$950 for a suite / bed, they are around the mid-price level, and given the range of animations include and the fact that they are only one prim, represent a fair price. The sofa with armchair options come in at L$800 (at the time of writing) and offer flexibility of placement for those who need it, for only 2 prims. All items are NO MOD, NO TRANSFER / NO COPY (which seems to be the way with a lot of furniture nowadays), although copyable versions are available at a higher price depending on the item in question.

Do remember in the case of the lounge suites, that they are only one prim, and so individual items in the suite – tables, chairs – cannot be freely repositioned independently of one another.

If I’m totally honest, the overall texture finish on the sofa and armchair in the suites is a little bland: the cushions appear to be almost plain in terms of texture, which leaves them looking a tad odd with some colour options, but when presents an acceptable “smooth leather” look with colours such as the deep red and blue. That said, I would also pass comment that I’ve come across multi-prim furniture at far higher prices in SL that have the same weakness. I’m actually still seriously considering a lounge suite to replace my current set of furniture. I don’t need to save prims in this instance – I just like the items!

Overall, the range cannot be faulted, especially if you are on a prim budget. And even if you’re not, the furniture will still more than grace a home. For those that like to put their prim allowance (or should I say Land Impact!) to work in other ways but still enjoy having a comfortable SL home, then PrimPossible offers an excellent option for doing so.

Sales Aftercare

Ample provides outstanding after-sales care. A rare server-side bug meant I encountered issues with my lounge. While the issue was not Ample’s fault, he immediately offered one of four alterntives to correct the problem. When that failed, he immediately offered a second option which resolved the issue. No fuss, no bother no question.

Now, that’s service!


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