The Drax Files Radio Hour blog launched

radio-hourI blogged recently on the upcoming Drax Files Radio Hour, which launches on January 10th, 2014. At the time, I remarked that the show has a Facebook page and that I hoped it’ll also gain a website as well.

Well it has. Launched today is The Drax Files Radio Hour blog, complete with an introductory message in voice and text by Draxtor.

A major element for the new show is that of community involvement – getting input and feedback from all of us who engage with Second Life and virtual worlds and who are active users. As such, the new blog is very much a part of the show, and the first post invites people to drop a note to Drax and Jo on what they might discuss in the inaugural broadcast.

They’ve also done a lot to make it possible to contact them at the show:

You can even contact them via an in-world avatar account, The Drax Files Radio Hour (draxfiles), and leave an IM or voice message. Here’s some more from Drax on the show (also in the show’s initial post):

As regulars here will know, Drax and I regularly discuss matters raised as a result of the highly successful The Drax Files video series. What probably isn’t known is that the discussions are very far-ranging and cover a huge amount which never gets into print. As such, I’m confident that The Drax Files Radio Hour will bring the same breadth and depth  – and, most importantly balance to the table and all things to do with Second Life and virtual worlds are discussed, analysed, taken apart and put back together again.

The broadcast time for each episode will be 07:00 SLT every Friday, starting on January 10th, 2014. As mentioned last time, I’ll be following the show closely (if not more  than just following 😉 ), and the show’s blog is now listed in my blogroll (right).

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2 thoughts on “The Drax Files Radio Hour blog launched

  1. Very disappointed its useing facebook as medium. THUMBS down.
    Facebook is not a medium everybody can or want to access.


    1. Ummm…

      I respectfully suggest you re-read the blog post. The show is using it’s own blog and is being promoted via Facebook (just as it will doubtless be promoted through a dedicated Twitter account soon, and is being promoted via Google+).

      The blog is the main point of contact, and it isn’t on Facebook – hence why there are separate links both within the article and under Related Links.


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