SL projects update: week 47 (1): server releases, viewer

As always, please refer to the week’s forum deployment thread for the latest news and updates.

Main channel: Tuesday November 19th

The Main channel received the maintenance package deployed to BlueSteel and LeTigre in week 46. This package comprises further infrastructure changes for the yet-to-be-announced Experience Keys (experience tools) project

Release Candidate Channels, Wednesday November 20th

BlueSteel and LeTigre should receive a new maintenance package comprising the update deployed to Magnum in week 46, with additional bug fixes. However, at the time of writing, testing was still ongoing, and Simon Linden noted at the Simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday November 19th that things were “down to the wire” in terms of getting the release out. If it does go ahead, the package will include:

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed “Sim crossing on vehicle fails when parcel at opposite sim border is full.” (BUG-4152)
    • Fixed a case in which a viewer with a high draw distance would not connect to distant regions which are within the draw distance area
    • Fixed some crash modes
    • Fixed “Vehicles containing a mesh are returned to the owner upon region crossing when destination parcel is full”
    • Fixed “Temp Attachments are sometimes not removed on the viewer when detached from a region change event.”
    • Fixed “Avatars inside a private parcel can see other avatars 2 regions away” (BUG-4356)
    • Fixed an issue with object return to inventory on test grids
  • New Features
    • Objects which are rezzed by sat-upon or attached scripts no longer inherit the temp-on-rez or auto-return timer of the parent object
    • Estate managers and region owners are now prevented from being teleported by llTeleportAgentHome()
    • Estate managers and region owners are no longer affected by scripts which use ESTATE_ACCESS_BANNED_AGENT_ADD
    • The grey goo fence is now stricter for large physical object rezzes
    • More robust handling of inventory management within objects
    • Cleanup of controls-grabbing in LSL scripts (no functional changes)
    • Parcel owners are now prevented from being teleported by llTeleportAgentHome()

Magnum should remain on the same maintenance project as deployed to it in week 47, but which features a further update to the grey goo fence change made in week 46, but which now only applies to objects which are both large and physical. This alteration is in response to BUG-4448.

Thanksgiving Code Freeze

Week 48 (commencing Monday November 25th) is Thanksgiving week in the United States, so there will be no server-side releases during the week. Sever updates will resume in week 49.

SL Viewer

No updates as yet in week 47 to the SL viewer.

Default Object Permissions

A number of TPVs include the ability to specify the default permissions applied to a new prim object (cube, cylinder, torus, etc.) on creation. A similar capability is being developed for the LL viewer (STORM-68) by Jonathan Yap, a long-time contributor to the viewer. Currently, the work is awaiting some server-side capabilities tweaking which will likely be done by Andrew Linden. This work is unlikely to be completed ahead of Thanksgiving, so there is no date as to when the new capability might appear.

Default Region Restart Sound and Notification

Jonathan is also working on STORM-1980 (“Improve awareness of region restarting message”) to add  a default region restart sound added to Second Life. This would be played automatically by the viewer on receipt of a region restart message, adding an additional warning of an approaching restart for those who may miss the pop-up notices, giving them time to take the appropriate action prior to logging-out. The work on this is also progressing, with a modified notification which includes new colours and a countdown. again, further work is required on this, so there is currently no timescale as to when it will be showing up in an RC viewer.