LL looking to launch Blocksworld in July?

LL logoBack at the start of 2013, Linden Lab acquired Boldai AB, a team of three programmers who jokingly refer to themselves as being, “From the country that gave you Minecraft and the country next to the country that invented Lego”.

Together, the Boldai AB team had created Blocksworld, which they described as “the ultimate building game – only it isn’t really a game, but you build stuff”, in their very creative initial marketing trailer. Early reviews of the app referred to it as a “perfect mix of Lego and Minecraft.”

Since the acquisition, the former Boldai AB team have been a little quiet (other than the odd Tweet on things), and their website has carried little more than news of their acquisition and a link to the Lab’s Beta Product sign-up page, together with a new promotional video. The latter may well demonstrate the app – including the ability to share your Blocksworld creations, a common theme within LL’s new products -, but it lacks the shine and fun of Boldai’s own efforts; such is the price, perhaps, of putting on a corporate jacket.

Well, now we have confirmation – albeit confirmation easily missed – that Blocksworld may well launch in July, appearing on the platform for which it was originally developed – the iPad.

There are no official details of any launch as yet, other than the (almost throwaway) comment which forms a part of an introductory piece for an interview with Rod Humble by All Things D, including whether, as Boldai originally intimated prior to their acquisition, whether Blocksworld will also be made available for other platforms following the initial iPad release. It’s also not clear whether this initial release will be a “full” release of the product or an initial “beta” of some description. Time will tell on these latter points.

In the meantime, if you wish to try to keep abreast of LL’s new products, and have not already done so, you might want to consider signing-up to the Beta Product page, and I’ll leave you with Boldai’s original and imaginative trailer video.

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5 thoughts on “LL looking to launch Blocksworld in July?

  1. I don’t exactly get the appeal of something like Blocksworld over something like Blue Mars or Second Life. Still, I can’t ignore how unbelievably hot Minecraft has been for a number of years now!


  2. Interesting, interesting. I didn’t find LL’s own video that bad, though. But I felt my toes curling when I saw the big display of “Your World”… prompting to read “… Your Imagination” next 😦 Ugggh.

    So, uh, not having tried any of LL’s other products (I have no hardware to run them), how does “Blocksworld” compare to “Patterns”? I’d say they are pretty much variations on the same theme, right? In that case, it would make sense to acquire what could pretty much be seen as a direct competitor?


    1. Comparisons were drawn between Patterns and SL when info on the former started to appear (as well as comparisons with Minecraft). However, in terms of a SL-like approach to content creation, Blocksworld is perhaps closer to SL than Patterns, although it’s not clear as to how genuine physics-oriented it might be.

      Patterns seems to have strong appeal with gamers, people in the teens and upwards. Blocksworld would appear to have a broad appeal that reaches a much younger audience (and may well be more aimed in that direction; that was the impression I got from watching some of the videos which used to be on the Blocksworld website pre-acquisition).

      There’s also a platform differntiator: Pattens is desktop / laptop based, and shows no sign of moving to the tablet / mobile environment (outside of Windows-capable tablets, perhaps). Blocksworld is tablet focused – well, iPad focused at this point in time. Given that Versu has yet to move to any other “portable” OS (e.g. Android), it might be that Blocksworld could take the same route, even if Boldai did originally indicate they’d be looking to offer it on other platforms, again pre-acquisition. Time will tell in that regard.


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