SL projects update week 31 (1): server releases, SSA, Interest List

Update, July 31st: further to the note below relating to the BlueSteel RC deployment, it appears the bug fix did not clear QA in time for the deployment to occur. Maestro Linden has updated the deployment thread to read: “BlueSteel’s planned project hit some last minute issues, so the update has been canceled for this week.  Instead, BlueSteel will not be rolled this week (it will match the version on the ‘Second Life Server’ channel).

Server Deployments Week 31 (Week Commencing Monday July 29th)

As always, please refer to the week’s forum deployment thread for news, updates and feedback.

Second Life Server (SLS Main) Channel

On Tuesday July 30th, the SLS Main channel received the server maintenance package previously deployed to BlueSteel in week 30 and LeTigre in week 29. This project includes:

  • A further fix for the issue of pathfinding characters using CHARACTER_STAY_WITHIN_PARCEL getting stuck if they somehow exited their home parcel
  • Fixes for objects failing to detect collisions after teleporting (BUG-969) and run time permissions failing to function correctly on attachments (BUG-2931)
  • New capabilities to the materials system to better handle texture requests.

Release Candidate Channels – Wednesday July 31st

Magnum and LeTigre will remain SSA enabled and both receive the updates deployed to the Main channel.

BlueSteel should receive a new server maintenance project. However, a last-minute bug was found in the code. While this has been fixed by Kelly Linden, it has still to pass LL’s QA at the time of writing. Assuming the package passes QA and is deployed, it will include:

  • Fixes for some simulator crash modes
  • A fix for BUG-3291 (“llListen in linked objects is listening at root instead of linked object local position *after re-rezzing the linkset*.”)
  • A fix for BUG-3307 “(llApplyImpulse called from attachment does not work on avatar if script is reset or started when attached”).
The Simulator UG meeting, Tuesday July 30th.
Doyouthinkhesaurus – Baker Linden (far right), in his new avatar look, literally towers over the start of the Simulator UG meeting on Tuesday July 30th.

Server-side Appearance

As noted above and in part 2 of last week’s report, SSA will not be enabled on any additional server channels this week, but does remain enabled on LeTigre and Magnum as the Lab continue to gather statistics and monitor performance, etc. Commenting on the state-of play, Nyx Linden said, “Testing seems to be going well, but we’re being on the cautious side – making sure that the back-end can handle the load. There are a few reported bugs in JIRA, but *most* are minor and we’re working on the not-so-minor ones.”


I provided an update on some of the more serious issues the Lab has been addressing with SSA in part 2 of my week 30 report (see the link in the paragraph above). Since then I’ve been poked about additional advice the Firestorm team have put together for those experiencing issues, including SUN-98,and I’m providing the relevant information here.

Avatar textures remaining grey / SUN-98: is generally the result of wearing a corrupted clothing asset, and as such is “expected behaviour” in order to avoid cases of accidental nudity, as I explained last week. To help diagnose the problem, the Firestorm team suggest you:

  • Remove all clothing and allow the avatar to bake with just the skin layer worn. If it fails to bake properly, the skin is the corrupted asset and needs to be replaced
  • If the skin bakes correctly, start adding the clothing layers of the outfit one at a time and check each to see how it bakes
  • If an item shows-up fully or partially grey, that is the corrupted asset. Replacing it should allow everything to bake and render correctly.

The Firestorm article also includes some Firestorm-specific actions for problems, and is a work-in-progress, so you can refer to it via the link above for further advice.

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The compact beauty of the Garden of Eden

Last week I posted a piece which, among other things, commented on recent issues I’ve had accessing to admin this blog (upload new posts, edit / update existing posts, reply to comments, etc.) and even view other people’s blogs. I wasn’t alone in experiencing the problem, which has lasted well over a week and a half.

According to WordPress, some of their servers had ended up on a block list at IWF as a result of a blog being put up which was in violation of their ToS (and which was quickly removed by WP). As a number of UK ISPs picked-up on the IWF notification, they blocked access to the “offending” servers, and things are now only just being untangled.

The Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden

Things still aren’t quite back to normal, but my own connectivity with my blog has greatly improved in the last 24 hours. So, this being the case, I decided to start catching up (again!) on some of my destination blogging. And where better to start than at the Garden of Eden, located on the island region of Golden Rose?

The work of digital artist Liara Okiddo, Garden of Eden is beautiful proof that you don’t necessarily need a full region to produce something which is both stunning and immersive. Occupying a 8192 sqm parcel, this is a place which really has to be seen to be appreciated.

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden

The SLurl I’m providing will land you on a  wooden walkway to one side of the parcel, with a sail boat moored alongside. Right away there are nice touches: a roll-on-roll off flight bag sits on the quay, as if put there by someone who has either just arrived on the boat, or is getting ready to sail away. Overhead, parakeets fly idly by, and butterflies flutter busily further inland.

Where you go from here is up to you – wooden walkways both climb up the rocks which shape the parcel into a shaded tropical gorge, and lead inland. However, I do recommend you go inland first. If you do, you’ll find yourself being led past a broad, shallow pool and deeper between the rocks until eventually you’ll come to a small tiki hut, tall waterfalls as a backdrop. Here you can sit a while on your own or with a friend and simply contemplate whatever enters your mind, or you can watch the hummingbirds busy in their daily chores.

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden

When you’re ready, wander back along the walkway and perhaps admire the butterflies and parakeets before you start your climb up to the rocks above. The wooden stairs and roped walks (Alex Baders’ very familiar pieces), will take you up and around the shallow pool and bring you to a junction. Turn left, and you’ll pass over a great stone arch with a view out over the sea, the sail boat below you, to another resting place. Turn right at the junction, and the path will take you to the exhibition space.

Here is another very unique environment, designed to put the visitor at ease. There are book cases with books scattered on the floor, a dining table with a bottle of wine, glasses and candles. Pictures are displayed on easels, and a glass roof overhead lets in plenty of light and allow one a view of the lanterns floating above it. Once again, the attention to detail is wonderful, and it’s worth camming around / exploring a little to make sure you catch all of the little touches.

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden

To say this is a truly fabulous build really doesn’t do it justice. The use of space, the overall design and layout, the amount which has been packed into the parcel, the attention to detail – all of these aspects are brought together to present a very immersive, creative place to visit and enjoy. Anyone who is limited space-wise, and is looking to see what might be achieved with a little planning, a careful eye and a dash of imagination, whether it be to establish a store, gallery or their home, should drop by Garden of Eden. It’s sure to impress and get one’s one creative juices flowing.

For those who simply like exploring, have an eye for art and enjoy photography, this is a place definitely not to be missed. Thoroughly recommended.

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