SL projects update week 29 (2): server, viewer general news

Server Deployments week 29

As always, please refer to the week’s forum deployment thread for news, updates and feedback.

On Tuesday July 16th, the SLS Main channel received the server maintenance package previously deployed to Magnum in week 28.

On Wednesday July 17th, the three main Release Candidate channels received the following updates: individual updates:

  • Magnum became the RC with the server-side baking / appearance project enabled (SSB/A is disabled on LeTigre). This move was made to expose SSB/A to a larger number of regions and a larger number of users as a result
  • BlueSteel received a further package of under-the-hood changes related to the experience tools
  • LeTigre received a new server maintenance project, which included fixes for several issues, including a further updated for pathfinding characters using CHARACTER_STAY_WITHIN_PARCEL getting stuck if they somehow exited their home parcel. It also added “RenderMaterialsCapability” to the /simulator/features cap, which indicates the access rate allowed when accessing the “RenderMaterials” capability, and Increased the “RenderMaterials” capability access rate to 4 requests per second (up from 1).

SL Viewer Updates

Release Candidate Viewers & the Release Process

The first of the viewer Release Candidates became public on Thursday July 19th. This is a maintenance update ( with a number of individual fixes from LL’s viewer maintenance team.

While the actual order of release is not clear, it appears that the next Release Candidates which will be added to the viewer release channel will be:

  • Viewer Breakpad changes
  • The Vivox updates
  • A Snowstorm (code contributions) build.

Which of these RCs is promoted to be the defacto release viewer will be depend upon a number of factors, including how well each performs as a release candidate (in terms of performance, crash rate, etc.).

Because Release Candidates are “cohorts” within the viewer release channel, you cannot download them as a distinct viewer installer package via the Official Alternate Viewers wiki page. However, release candidates can be tracked (and the source code obtained by those interested in self-compiling viewers) from the Official Viewer Source Repository page.

To give some idea as to why the new process has been introduced, Simon Linden indicated there is around four months of viewer work currently backed-up and awaiting release. This may mean that initially, there might be a higher bumber of RC viewer cohorts in the release channel than will be the case once the backlog starts to clear.

For a complete breakdown on how the new release process works, please refer to my explanation of the process.

I’ll be endeavouring to keep pace with official viewer updates, including cohorts, through my Viewer Round-up Page.


The plan to use a single settings.xml file for all installed versions of the SL viewer is currently dependent upon a snowstorm code contribution which is currently in the pipeline. Once this has been implemented within the viewer code, it should help eliminate problems of users on the SL viewer reporting their settings have been “eaten” / overwritten should they move between different versions of the official viewer (i.e. swapping between the release viewer and a project viewer and back again).

Group Ban List

Baker Linden continues to work on the group ban list project (see JIRA VWR-29337). The last time he was available for an update at the Simulator User Group on Tuesday July 10th, he indicated that he was working on the back-end code, which required a lot of refactoring and which he was hoping to get finished by the end of week 28 prior to moving to the viewer-side code.

Speaking on his behalf at the Server Beta meeting on Thursday July 18th, Simon indicated that Baker may have achieved his goal, and is now working on the viewer side of things and the UI.

Experience Tools

Again, no major news here. The server-side updates (which presumably include the long-awaited permissions system updates) continue to reach RC channels, but there is no news on the viewer-side updates which are expected to be appearing in a project viewer at some point in the (hopefully) near future.

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