Dining out in Second Life

The Grove Country Club Estates is an upmarket residential estate in SL covering (at the time of writing) some ten regions which have all been painstakingly landscaped and which mix residential parcels with parks, roads and waterways. To the north of the estate is Patch Thibaud’s clifftop house of Majesterium, which is also open to the public.

As a residential estate, this is not my usual choice for a destination review per se, and this article isn’t intended to be such. However, I have to admit I do find the estate attractive and do like to occasionally walk the parks and wander along the roads, always taking care to observe the privacy of the residents (you can actually hire a bicycle from the welcome area when visiting).

del Vino
del Vino

One part of the estate to which I’m particularly drawn in Casablanca Bay South. Mostly water, this region has a hook-like sandy prominence jutting out into the sea, upon which sits the most attractive tapas and wine bar I’ve come across in SL.

If I’m honest, I’m not actually a great one for the idea of dining in any form in SL, and none of my homes in-world have every had a kitchen or dining area. However, as a means of providing a social venus where friends (and strangers) can meet and sit and chat, restaurants in SL offer perhaps a preferable venue to pitching-up at a club, etc. In fact, I met one of my longest-known in-world acquaintances at a restaurant, many years ago, and I can still remember simply sitting and chatting with him to the point where the wee small hours of the morning were fast on their way towards growing up…

del Vino
del Vino

Del Vino, designed by Coralie Bilasimo has a certain chic and a Mediterranean charm about it which makes it and instant delight – and probably a place that, where it to exist in real life, I’d be dining at quite regularly (and my waistline resenting me even more as a result…).

The Mediterranean touch is not by accident; the entire estate is intended to evoke a Mediterranean feel, and incorporates both Tuscan and Andalusian elements, and as one of the community’s builders, Coralie has had a hand in shaping the overall theme and bringing it to the fore through works such as del Vino.

del Vino
del Vino

Downstairs is a vaulted room offering party dining space around a simple wooden table, while upstairs is a more intimate dining area, with smaller tables for up to four and a banquet table out on the verandah overlooking the beach. The interior design is by Emery Milneaux, one of the estate’s co-owners, and fits the style and design of the building perfectly.

This is an exquisite build, where charm, chic, landscaping and an eye for detail and interior design come together to produce a truly memorable location within SL. I’m also pretty sure it’s one the images here do less than justice. If you are into SL building design and architecture – or simply want a marvellous place to meet with a friend or two and sit and chat, del Vino is absolutely worth the visit. And for those with a romantic bent, why not take a stroll along the beach afterwards, or perhaps along the jetties of the marina just to the north?

Casablanca Bay
Casablanca Bay

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