RFL of SL 2013 – $300,000 already raised & the Weekend still to come

2013_RFL_LogoGem Sunkiller brings word that this year’s RFL of SL season has already raised $300,000, and the Relay Weekend has yet to arrive.

This year’s Weekend will be held on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July on the theme of 100 Years of Hope, in recognition of the American Cancer Society’s 100th anniversary.

As with previous years, the weekend will be focused on the 34-region Relay Track, which will be divided into Past, Present and Future themes and lined with team camps and exhibits. In addition, there will be five activity regions providing live music, DJs, art show, snail railing, the Raffle for Relay, flea market and silent auction.

The weekend will commence at 10:00 SLT on Saturday 14th July with the Opening Ceremony and the 2013 Fundraiser Club Banner Awards. This will be followed by the start of the track walks, starting with the Honour Walk, a celebration lap featuring 100 cancer survivors and caregivers, and which will be followed by the Team Spirit lap.

The RFL of SL Welcome Centre
The RFL of SL Welcome Centre

At 21:00 SLT, the Luminaria Ceremony will talk place, which will see the track regions all turned to midnight and thousands of luminaria (candles) will be lit, each one representing a survivor or someone who has passed away from cancer, and people will walk the track in silence for one hour as dedications are read over the broadcasting stream.

On Sunday 15th July, the Fight Back ceremony will take place at 06:00 SLT, with people coming together to make a personal pledge to help fight cancer. It might be by pledging to have a regular breast exam, to follow a healthy diet, or to stop smoking. The event closing ceremony will start at 10:00 SLT, which will be followed by a final victory lap.

A look along the track from RFL SL 2012
A look along the track from RFL SL 2012

Gem’s update includes a message from Jeff Montegut (Stingray9798 Raymaker), the American Cancer Society’s staff partner to RFL of SL which reads:

Thanks to the tremendous support of our volunteers, teams, committee members, and corporate partners, we have raised an astonishing amount of money and are getting so close to an all-time total of 2 million dollars raised in Second Life.  This important contribution is money that funds the mission of the American Cancer Society – research, education, and prevention.  I’m looking forward to personally thanking everyone at this years event!

More updates will be given as more details of this year’s schedule are published.

About Relay for Life

Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser of the American Cancer Society. Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raising awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track, just like in a real world Relay. Relay For Life is about coming together with a group of people you don’t know to effect change in the lives of people you may never know.

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The secrets of the turtle

Yes, it’s back to Flea and Toady’s A’stra stage build for yet another post. What can I say? I love the place, there is so much to discover.

I had a good look around the stage regions (SL10B Impressive and SL10B Spellbound) before the SL10BCC regions opened on the 16th, and found a fair few things, some of which were featured in the video I put together about the build – although I didn’t include everything, as that would have spoiled the fun of discovery during the celebrations :).

"Did I turn left when I should've gone right?"  - Lost Noob
“Did I turn left when I should’ve gone right?” – Lost Noob

Anyway, now that the main event is over, and as Toady passed me a list of things to find so I could see what I’d missed, I’m curious as to how many of the lovely little touches Toady and Flea included in the build you’ve managed to find.

If you’ve not actually explored the two regions of the stage before, and wish to do so before they vanish, you might want to either use this article as something of a guide (although I’m not giving everything away!), or run away if you want the thrill of discovery to yourself, because I am including some SLurls…

Of course, there are the easy ones – the Grand Stairs, the Walk with its statues which range from a cube to homo AFK, passing such creatures as a fish, dinosaur and Homo knuckledraggerensis and more along the way.

A couple of Bored Gaming Noobs
A couple of Bored Gaming Noobs

Just about every must have seen the Painter Noob, which is perhaps my favourite among the Noob sculptures for personal reasons. But I wonder how may have seen the Noob.F.O? It’s not that far away, although a swimming costume is recommended. Thinker Noob and Noob Crash are featured in my video, but have you managed to locate Lost Noob? Find him and you might also find the Noobtyr close by.

Most people have likely found the Toad Buddha and the geysers, but have you made your way to the Builder Temple nearly? No? Well if you go in search of it, make sure you keep an eye out for the crystal caves and the secrets they hide (and yes, the lack of SLurls here is deliberate – I did say I wasn’t going to give the location of everything away!).

A family Kodak moment. Go stand with the kids and look out over the water to the turtle. You might find something trying to get in on the picture
A family Kodak moment. Go stand with the kids and look out over the water to the turtle. You might find something trying to get in on the picture – make sure you have three friends with you if you want to see … her … again

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Goodbye, Misty Mole, though I never knew you at all…

I don’t know Misty Mole (aka Caliandris Pendragon), but I can say I know her work, and have enjoed exploring some of it, and blogging about it here.

As a member of the Linden Department of Public Works from 2008, Misty had worked on a range of high-profile projects, including Nautilus, the Linden Realms game, Linden Homes, Cape Ekim (and the oft-forgotten Professor Linden) and Pyri Peaks. I’ve had great fun exploring the latter two, and admit I enjoyed Linden Realms when it first appeared, and still sometimes drop back there simply because I’m feeling a tad silly, while my Linden Home has been more than comfortable for me. I’ve also spent time sailing on (and diving under) the Sea of Fables. Misty had a hand (or hands) in all of these, and a whole lot more.

Sadly, Misty Mole is no more. She has left the ranks of the Moles in what appears to be less-than-happy circumstances. As a farewell, she has produced a video highlighting her work – and her skill as a composer and musician (she’s often provide music for the Lab to use within LDPW builds). It’s a celebration of her work – and rightly so. It’s also a fitting reminder of the amount of work carried out by the unsung heroes of the Moles.

It’s also something which has me itching to don my hiking boots and go out and explore other Moley places around SL.

Thanks, Misty for all your work – and thanks to the Moles as well.

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With thanks to Indigo Mertel for circulating the video via Google+