The secrets of the turtle

Yes, it’s back to Flea and Toady’s A’stra stage build for yet another post. What can I say? I love the place, there is so much to discover.

I had a good look around the stage regions (SL10B Impressive and SL10B Spellbound) before the SL10BCC regions opened on the 16th, and found a fair few things, some of which were featured in the video I put together about the build – although I didn’t include everything, as that would have spoiled the fun of discovery during the celebrations :).

"Did I turn left when I should've gone right?"  - Lost Noob
“Did I turn left when I should’ve gone right?” – Lost Noob

Anyway, now that the main event is over, and as Toady passed me a list of things to find so I could see what I’d missed, I’m curious as to how many of the lovely little touches Toady and Flea included in the build you’ve managed to find.

If you’ve not actually explored the two regions of the stage before, and wish to do so before they vanish, you might want to either use this article as something of a guide (although I’m not giving everything away!), or run away if you want the thrill of discovery to yourself, because I am including some SLurls…

Of course, there are the easy ones – the Grand Stairs, the Walk with its statues which range from a cube to homo AFK, passing such creatures as a fish, dinosaur and Homo knuckledraggerensis and more along the way.

A couple of Bored Gaming Noobs
A couple of Bored Gaming Noobs

Just about every must have seen the Painter Noob, which is perhaps my favourite among the Noob sculptures for personal reasons. But I wonder how may have seen the Noob.F.O? It’s not that far away, although a swimming costume is recommended. Thinker Noob and Noob Crash are featured in my video, but have you managed to locate Lost Noob? Find him and you might also find the Noobtyr close by.

Most people have likely found the Toad Buddha and the geysers, but have you made your way to the Builder Temple nearly? No? Well if you go in search of it, make sure you keep an eye out for the crystal caves and the secrets they hide (and yes, the lack of SLurls here is deliberate – I did say I wasn’t going to give the location of everything away!).

A family Kodak moment. Go stand with the kids and look out over the water to the turtle. You might find something trying to get in on the picture
A family Kodak moment. Go stand with the kids and look out over the water to the turtle. You might find something trying to get in on the picture – make sure you have three friends with you if you want to see … her … again

You’ve probably had a look at the Memory Garden (aka “handhenge”), just to the north of the stage area; but did you also find little Noobunneh and friend? Staying with SL10B Impressive, the Moai are easy to find, and if you’ve been along that seaward side of A’stra, you’ve likely come across the Dragon’s Nest and the Watcher Noob below.

Out to sea is also where you’ll find the Statue of Nooberty as well – and if you still have your swimming costume on, a quick dive and swim near her might bring you to the Kelp Forest and Tide Pool. Keep your eyes peeled for little Bebbe Turtle as well, with its own passenger…

Some people can't leave their technology at home, even when visiting somewhere like A'stra (you might was to zoom-in on the tablet sceen as well, when you find him!)
Some people can’t leave their technology at home, even when visiting somewhere like A’stra (you might was to zoom-in on the tablet screen as well)

I love the many fountains and pools and waterfalls on A’stra. The former have such evocative names: Hippo Pool, Manticore Fountain and the Dolphin Fountain in the Seahorse Garden. There’s of course also the Fish Fountain and the Toad Fountain. Oh, and going back to wildlife for a moment – keep your eyes peeled, and you might find a Noobian Goat grazing on the flanks of the stage area.

And there’s still more to find – like the Ball Court and the Train Station, together with the Grid Serpent (which is admittedly a little hard to miss!), and scattered number of wall gargoyles. I could give you SLurls to these as well – but where’s the fun in that? Discovery is, after all, good for the soul – so if you do want to see everything at A’stra, you’ll have to keep your eyes open for these yourself :).


A’stra will be gone soon :(, as will the rest of the SL10B regions. So if you want to explore and see what you can uncover, best to do so sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my A’stra video slide show.

My thanks to Toady and Flea for creating such an immersive and entertaining build for SL10BCC and for reminding us again that in the era of mesh, the humble prim and Linden plants can still be used to create something truly incredible.

Apologies if some of the images in this piece look a little rough; a graphics issue means that running any SL viewer with ALM enabled is a little iffy for me at the moment, and I’m now almost totally reliant on using screen caps rather than the snapshot floater.