Goodbye, Misty Mole, though I never knew you at all…

I don’t know Misty Mole (aka Caliandris Pendragon), but I can say I know her work, and have enjoed exploring some of it, and blogging about it here.

As a member of the Linden Department of Public Works from 2008, Misty had worked on a range of high-profile projects, including Nautilus, the Linden Realms game, Linden Homes, Cape Ekim (and the oft-forgotten Professor Linden) and Pyri Peaks. I’ve had great fun exploring the latter two, and admit I enjoyed Linden Realms when it first appeared, and still sometimes drop back there simply because I’m feeling a tad silly, while my Linden Home has been more than comfortable for me. I’ve also spent time sailing on (and diving under) the Sea of Fables. Misty had a hand (or hands) in all of these, and a whole lot more.

Sadly, Misty Mole is no more. She has left the ranks of the Moles in what appears to be less-than-happy circumstances. As a farewell, she has produced a video highlighting her work – and her skill as a composer and musician (she’s often provide music for the Lab to use within LDPW builds). It’s a celebration of her work – and rightly so. It’s also a fitting reminder of the amount of work carried out by the unsung heroes of the Moles.

It’s also something which has me itching to don my hiking boots and go out and explore other Moley places around SL.

Thanks, Misty for all your work – and thanks to the Moles as well.

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With thanks to Indigo Mertel for circulating the video via Google+

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Misty Mole, though I never knew you at all…

  1. How very sad — I guess you you make things that are functional and beautiful that the “customers” like –you are doomed at LL.

    Thank you Misty –I so enjoyed your builds during SL10 and before.


  2. Its a terrible loss and not only for Sl comunity, I wish Rod can start making some cleaning on the Lab as it looks always like they deal with their employers the same way they deal with their customers!


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