SL10BCC: ut cum gaudio A’stra

I’ve already posted a couple of pieces on the main stage at this year’s SL10B Community Celebrations. However, such the the work of Toady and Flea, that I couldn’t help but get snap-happy as I explored this utterly amazing build. Not even issues with my PC could keep me away!

With press day upon us, and the celebrations due to kick-off on Sunday 16th, I couldn’t resist putting some of the shots I’ve grabbed together into a video piece. Hope you enjoy (best viewed at 720p)!

In appreciation of all of Flea’s and Today’s hard work in bringing this incredible design to life.

P.S. I really should add that not all the secrets on, around and inside A’stra are shown here. These are simply some of my favourite elements of the build; there are more to discover and see – and doubtless some I’ve yet to discover myself!

SL projects update week 24 (4): server release update

Server Deploys for Week 24

As always, please refer to the week’s forum deployment thread for news, updates and feedback.

Second Life Server (Main) Channel

On Tuesday June 11th, the SLS channel received getting the server maintenance project that was on BlueSteel and LeTigre in week 23, and which is intended to fix a simulator crash mode, and a disconnection issue whereby multiple avatars would be disconnected from a simulator simultaneously, giving the impression the region had crashed when it had in fact not done so, and which also impacted LSL HTTP-in URLs.

Based on data since the deployment, it appears the disconnection issue has been addressed, although there was a report that problems of LSL HTTP-in URLs being dropped, Commenting on this issues at the Server Beta meeting on Thursday 13th June, Maestro Linden said, “I managed to confirm that it was a separate problem [to the avatar disconnection problem] Kelly has looked into it, and we think we’ll have a fix for that soon.”

Kelly Linden added, “I’ve been working on some http-in bugs for the last couple of days. I have some fixes but I can’t guarantee they will be 100% effective. There is more Rube Goldberg in that system than I’d like.”

Magnum Release Candidate Channel

On Wednesday June 12th Magnum received an update to the current interest list changes running on that channel, which addresses two bugs introduced by the project. The bug fixes were for the problem of the text of large scripts failing to display in the script editor for people on lower bandwidth connections,  and a fix for the simulator spamming the viewer with AvatarAppearance messages when avatars were in view and were moving around, also resulting in bandwidth issues.

There have also been reports of an “invisible avatar” problem occurring on Magnum regions since the week 22 deployments. which take the form of avatars in the local vicinity de-rezzing following an in-region teleport, and will only re-appear following a relog. The issue was reported as still be present in week 23, and again following this week’s deployment. So far, the Lab has been unable to reproduce in-house, so investigations are proving difficult. As BlueSteel and LeTigre are now also on the same release (see below) the Lab will be watching to see if there are additional reports of this issue.

BlueSteel and LeTigre Release Candidate Channels

Maestro Linden likes to work-out during meetings
Maestro Linden likes to work-out during meetings

On Wednesday June 12th BlueSteel and LeTigre initially received a new server maintenance project to fix a number of crash modes, addresses an issue with neighbouring region visibility, and which added new adds new LSL pathfinding capabilities and object return capabilities.

However, soon after deployment, an issue was found on BlueSteel / LeTigre regions – Bug 2850 (Cannot rez objects in Bluesteel and LeTigre parcels which disallow object entry), which resulted in a rollback which saw BlueSteel and LeTigre updated with the Magnum release package.

“it turned out that if a parcel allowed build but disallowed object entry for your avatar, then your avatar would not be able to rez from agent inventory into the parcel,” Maestro explained at the Server Beta meeting on Thursday June 13th, “And your scripted objects (like the pop-gun) would also be unable to rez. Also, Lucia [Nightfire] reported a tangential issue, which was that rezzing in some group-owned parcels required your avatar to have the parcel’s group active, which is not usually a requirement. These bugs were bad enough that … we rolled BS and LT to the same version as Magnum.”

Fixes are underway for this issue, but it is currently not known if they will be ready for next week’s deployments.

Object Return Capabilities Update

Prior to the rollback on BlueSteel and LeTigre, an issue was noted with the llReturnObjectsByID function, resulting in the function being disabled server-side. “It should be (probably) re-enabled with the next release of that code,” Kelly Linden noted. “However it will have a new limitation – it will no longer be able to return objects owned by the parcel owner.”

“We were concerned about a potential griefing vector if a parcel owner absent-mindedly grants the permission,” Maestro added.

I’ve updated my overview of the new capabilities to reflect this change.

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