Xmas Expo 2013 and Breedables Fair in support of RFL of SL

Xmas Expo 2013
Xmas Expo 2013

The 2013 SL Christmas Expo is underway. While the official Relay For Life Second Life 2013 events season is officially closed, the Expo is in support of RFL SL, and is being held on four regions adjacent to that of the American Cancer Society. Proceeds will be donated directly to the RFL of SL 2014 campaign.

The Expo, which runs through until December 15th, brings together merchants and entertainers from across the grid to help us prepare for the holiday season and get in the mood for Christmas as the New Year, and features a number of special events and activities.

Running alongside of the Expo is the 2013 Magic of Christmas Breedables Fair, which is being held on two regions which are linked to the Expo via the RFL Christmas Festival region, which adjoins the American Cancer Society’s HQ in Second Life.

The 2013 Xmas Expo – click to enlarge

The Expo regions are laid-out so as to be as low-lag as possible, with shops arranged around the outside of each of the four regions to form a continuous street scene with a Victorian feel to it, with cobbled road surfaces and gas lamps providing the light along the footpaths at night. There are 84 content creators with stores along the streets, each of whom has at least one or two RFL vendors selling selected items the proceeds of which go directly to RFL of SL. In addition, scattered through the Expo region are market stalls and also special RFL vendors offering a range of items, the proceeds of which also go directly to RFL of SL.

In the middle of each of the four regions are the special event areas, including a frozen lake for ice skating (free skates available for both Big ‘Uns and Tinies) the event stage, where entertainment will be provided throughout the length of the Expo, and the Expo Theatre, which will, on December 11th and 12th, be hosting a special production of Wit, Margaret Edson’s first play which, in 1999, won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama (see more below).

Xmas Expo 2013

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Relay for Life: the weekend is here!

2013_RFL_LogoThe 2013 Relay for Life weekend in Second Life is upon us, and with over $300,000 USD already raised this year, it look like the weekend is going to be a scorcher.

The theme for the weekend is 100 Years of Hope, in recognition of the American Cancer Society’s 100th anniversary.

As with previous years, the weekend will be focused on the 34-region Relay Track, which will be divided into Past, Present and Future themes and lined with team camps and exhibits. In addition, there will be five activity regions providing live music, DJs, an art show, snail railing, the Raffle for Relay, a flea market and the silent auction, with the Welcome Area and the American Cancer Society region rounding-out the total at 41 regions.

The Welcome Area
The Welcome Area

Schedule of Events

All times are SLT – please check with the RFL of SL schedule page and / or the RFL of SL blog for any last-minute updates / changes.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

  • 10:00: Opening Ceremony
  • 11:00: Survivor/Caregiver – CELEBRATE
  • 12:30: Teams Lap
  • 14:00: Round Up Western
  • 15:00: Walking with our Breedable Friends
  • 16:00: Fabulous Fifties
  • 17:00: Purple Passion
  • 18:00: Beach Party
  • 19:00: Musicians For Relay
  • 20:00: Bald is Beautiful!
  • 21:00: Luminaria Ceremony – REMEMBER
  • 22:00: Silly Shoes
  • 23:00: Sci Fi

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

  • 00:00: PJ Party
  • 01:00: Holiday Splendor
  • 02:00: Fantasy and Fairy Tales
  • 03:00: Crazy Hats
  • 04:00: Movie and Cartoon Magic
  • 05:00:Heroes
  • 06:00: FIGHT BACK
  • 07:00: International Lap
  • 08:00: Coffee and Donuts
  • 09:00: Formal Hour
  • 10:00: Closing Ceremonies
  • 11:00: Victory Lap – Walk the track and meet the Relay Committee
  • 12:30: RAFFLE Draw
  • 13:00: SILENT AUCTION Closes
  • 14:00 PM Enjoy walking the track and visiting the builds

Survivor/Caregiver Walk

Take your place at the side of the track and cheer on / applaud all those who have heard the words, “You have cancer”, as they walk the track in this opening lap together with those who devote their time and energies to caring and supporting for their loved ones and their friends in they fight cancer.

The Luminaria

As you walk the track you’ll notice luminaria (candles) line the sides. These are your opportunities to pay tribute to a lost loved one, or to thank a person who inspires and encourages you. Donating lindens to a luminaria gives you the chance to mention a special someone in hover text over the bag and will light and change color based on the linden amount paid to it, as noted below. Feel free to type in any amount you wish to donate. ​

  • L$50 – L$999 – Green
  • L$1000 – L$2499 – Orange
  • L$2500 – L$4999 – Blue
  • L$5000 – L$7499 – Yellow
  • L$7500 – L$9999 – Pink
  • L$10000 or more – Purple + fireworks ​

The Luminaria Ceremony

At 21:00 SLT on Saturday July 13th, the Luminaria Ceremony will talk place. The track regions will all be set to midnight and thousands of luminaria will be lit, each one representing a survivor or someone who has passed away from cancer. People are invited to walk the track in silence for one hour as dedications are read over the broadcasting stream.

Where to Start

The best place to start is the Welcome Area, particularly if you’ve not participated in the RFL of SL weekend. Here you can pick-up your track tools, which will record the distance you walk around the track and allow you to chat with friends and those around you and walk at the same time. You can also obtain a reference guide to the luminaria donation colours and detailed of the themed laps for the weekend. Greeters will also be on-hand to answer any questions you may have. Once you’re ready to go, use the teleport to get to the track regions.

Pick up your track tools from the Welcome Area
Pick up your track tools from the Welcome Area

Key Event SLurls

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Second Sol Regatta readying for Relay for Life

Over the next two weekends the Sail4Life Second Sol Regatta will be taking place as a part of the overall Sail4Life fundraising work for Relay for Life.

Over the course of both weekends some 20 teams of between one and four sailors will race one another using an all-mesh sail boat donated for the regatta by Jacquline Trudeau of Trudeau Yachts. The Trudeau Patchogue II sailboat is a lovely little boat which is fast and manoeuvrable, and should be well-suited to the event (I recently had fun skipping around in one of the demos!).


The first round of qualifying races will take place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June, over a range of courses as follows:

  • Friday June 14 12:30 SLT: Nantucket Yacht Club-SL, Atlantic raceline  Race Directors: Jean Quartz, Gemma Vuckovic
  • Saturday June 15 09:00: North Sea/ EYBC, Breadnut raceline.  Race Director: LlDewell Hawker
  • Saturday June 15 12:00: Triumphal Yacht Club, Faragut raceline.  Race Director: SerenityAeon
  • Saturday June 15 15:00: Danshire Yacht Club, Queequeg raceline.  Race Director: Hay Ah
  • Saturday June 15 18:00: Fishers Island Yacht Club, Plum Gut raceline.  Race Director: Jane Fossett.

There will be further heats on Saturday June 22nd, with the top crews from the various heats then competing in the finals on Sunday June 23rd, after which there will be an award ceremony and closing party.

Full details of the courses and participating crews can be found in the SL Sailing Forum. spectators are welcome, but are asked to keep clear of the race routes (see the maps on the forum thread), and not to touch the boats participating in the races. There are viewing areas at the various yacht clubs supporting the event, such as at the Danshire Yacht Club quayside as well as the other participating yacht clubs, and spectators will be able to donate to RFL.

TheDanshire Yacht Club quayside – one of the places where the regatta can be seen – check the SL Sailing Forum for heat times

Those interested in trying-out the Trudeau Patchogue II sailboat can do so by availing themselves of a timed demo version which can be obtained from the following two locations: The Trudeau Yacht Yard, and the dock at Danshire Yacht Club in Knaptrackicon.

About Sail4Life and the Second Sol Regatta

Sail4Life has always been a strong supporter of Relay for Life, and in 2012, it raised L$2.34 million through a series of events held across the RFL of SL season, including regattas, races, auctions and other events, as well as a strong presence at the RFL of SL weekend. The Second Sol Regatta 2013 promises to present another great page in the history of the SL sailing community’s support for RFL.

Trying-out the
Trying-out the Trudeau Patchogue II sailboat

The Second Sol Regatta is co-sponsored by more than eight Yacht Clubs and Sailing Groups grid-wide, and it’s dedicated to the memory of Francois Jacques. Second Sol will be Fran’s regatta, and it will support Sail4Life, the charity she loved and tirelessly supported for nearly a decade.

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Home and Garden Expo opens

home-expo-2013The 6th annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo opened on Friday May 24th 2013.

In support of Relay for Life, and covering a total of 11 regions adjoining the American Cancer Society, the Expo brings together over 100 exhibitors of the very best homes, gardens, landscaping and interior design products in Second Life. It will continue through until Sunday June 2nd, 2013.

Eight of the regions of the expo are devoted to homes and gardens, while two more are devoted to the Breedables Fair, which features 30 of creators of Second Life breedable creatures. The remaining region in the exposition is devoted to entertainment and activities.

The Expo is an annual highlight for those that love seeking out the latest home and garden products and combined with a full entertainment schedule, hunts, raffles and silent auctions plus items designed just for this event – you can be sure of finding stylish new products to give your home a fresh look.

Devonmoor Manor, a design by Kismet and one of the units available at the Home and Garden Expo
Devonmoor Manor, a design by Kismet and one of the units available at the Home and Garden Expo

Entertainment at the Expo will be ongoing through the week of the event, and the best place to find out information on what is going on is the Expo’s entertainment webpage. As with previous years, the Expo has a hunt running through the week, featuring some unique prizes. There’s a L$10 entry fee (proceeds to RFL), and the hunt is  “blind” hunt – meaning entrants  get the landmarks/locations of all the stores in the hunt and their hint, but do not know which store they’re going to. Hints for the hunt can be found at the landing points in each of the Expo regions.

A Silent Auction is also a feature of this year’s expo, with more unique items donated by creators and with all proceeds going to RFL.

The Palamino by Stonewood Homes, also on display at the home and Garden Expo
The Palamino by Stonewood Homes, also on display at the home and Garden Expo

Release a Lantern of Peace and Love

In 2012, Alchemy Immortalis created a lantern which formed the centrepiece of remembering all those who had survived cancer’s ravages and those who had succumbed in their battle against the disease through a special daily ceremony in which lanterns would be released and allowed to float up into the sky.

The ceremony became very special to the people who attended, and so the folks at PrimPerfect have decided to host it again in 2013.  So, they’ve extended an invitation for people to join them at the Prim Perfect platform on Home Expo 6 every day of the Expo at 16:00 for a communal release of lanterns both to celebrate the living and in memory of those we have loved and lost.

PrimPerfect are also hosting a series of talks with designers throughout the week of the Expo, starting at 15:00 SLT on Friday May 24th with Loz Hyde, Maxwell Graf and Kriss Lehmann, all of whom will be talking mesh.

Meet the Designers with PrimPerfect

The talks will all be taking place at the PrimPerfect Temple at the Expo.

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RFL of SL 2013 sponsorship opportunties still available

I’d missed this s shuffling through a load things, both SL and RL, so my apologies to the RFL of SL team for the late posting.

2013_RFL_LogoThere are still sponsorship opportunities available for the 2013 Relay For Life of Second Life season, with one Premier sponsorship and a number of Region sponsorships still up for grabs.

Commenting on the opportunities, Gem Sunkiller writes:

Yes, we still have many sponsorship opportunities available for the 2013 Relay For Life of Second Life season.  Our 2013 sponsors already include businesses (both from inside, and outside of Second Life), individuals, and a number of RFL in SL teams.  The American Cancer Society is one of the most visible communities on Second Life, closing in on $2,000,000.00 raised over the last seven years through Relay For Life of Second Life and other related events.  One way to participate in the ACS signature RFL of SL event is as a sponsor.

Details on the sponsorship options can be found on the RFL of SL website sponsorship page. If you are interested in reserving an option, please contact Love Kawaguichi via e-mail (lovekawaguichi -at- gmail.com).

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Woodstock, RFL style

Teams’R’Us present Woodstock in Second Life, complete with a poster inspired by Arnold Skolnick’s original

Update: SLurl for the event added, but will not be open to the public until the event doors open on the 15th April, 2013.

In August 1969 Max Yasgur opened the gates of his 600-acre dairy farm near White Lake in the Catskills of New York to host what became the festival which defined an era and a movement.

Woodstock, billed as “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music”, held between the 15th and 18th August 1969, has since passed into legend as well as history as the time when flower power and the desire for peace in our times came into full bloom.

As a part of a series of special events in aid of RFL of SL, Teams’R’Us are offering all of us a chance to travel back in time to the end of the 1960s with a special 3-day celebration of the festival and the decade which will feature music of the era, stalls, auctions and more  – all in aid of this year’s RFL of SL efforts.

Gem Sunkiller invites us all to join in the event with a warm, “Come let your hair down and have fun with us!”

TRU Woodstock
TRU Woodstock

The festival will take place on a specially prepared region – TRU Woodstock – which stands as a recreation of Max Yasgur’s farm field, complete with decorated camper vans, wooden stage and  – of course – lashings of mud!

The event kicks-off on Monday, 15th April at noon SLT and runs through until 22:00 SLT on Wednesday, 17th April, with musics and events scheduled between noon and 22:00 SLT on each day of the festival.

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