SL project news: week 7 (2): Server-side Baking load test

Server Deployments

the server deployments planned for week 7 all went ahead as scheduled.These comprised:

  • Main channel: (Second Life Server / SLS): received the maint-server package focused on crashes fixes which was  deployed in week 6 to LeTigre – release notes
  • Bluesteel: retained the materials processing project code and received the same fixes and updates being deployed to the SLS channel (above) – release notes
  • Magnum: retained the interest list project code and received the same fixes and updates being deployed to the SLS channel (above) – release notes
  • LeTigre received a new maintenance server update to fix miscellaneous crash modes – release notes. This deployment also included the following:
    • An improvement to the rolling restart notifications so that they appear in an alert format (as with manual region restarts) rather than an easily missed notification. This change will only be apparent in restarts following the code deployment restart (as per JIRA SVC-7759)
    • A fix to an encroachment / return problem:  if you’re banned from the neighbour’s parcel, you couldn’t select  / return items that encroached on your parcel (see JIRA SVC-496)
    • Instant messages are now truncated to 1024 bytes to prevent certain types of delivery failure. Currently, the IM database supports larger messages than the delivery system can handle. This change will enforce a limit of 1024 bytes when processing messages coming into the database as well as those being sent out.

Feedback on all the deployments has so far been muted, with only a couple of issues having been reported via the forum thread,

There is no news on deployments for week 8 (commencing Monday, 18th February), as the meeting to determine upcoming deployments does not take place at the Lab until Friday of the current week.

Server-side Baking (SSB) Load Test

Serer-side baking - load test February
Serer-side baking – load test February 21st

On Thursday February 21st there will be a special load test for Server-side baking, and LL are looking for volunteers to help.

This will take place on the SSB test regions on the beta grid (Aditi), immediately following the Server Beta User Group meeting which take place at 15:00 SLT on Thursdays in  Morris, also on Aditi.

The aim is to place the SSB code under a stress test which is representative of how SSB will be used once it is deployed to the main grid – with people routinely changing outfits, updating their appearance (as SSB handles appearance updates differently to the current service), enter / leave regions running the SSB code (given that the grid will, for a time, be running both the current avatar baking service and SSB as the latter is initially deployed), and so on.

“We have a few other internal stress tests, but wanted to do one with real-world conditions on real connections,” Nyx linden explained when announcing the test opportunity. “The test will run through switching from the old system to the new system, which is a transition where issues may pop up. if enough people are changing outfits simultaneously it should get us some valid data.”

Test Requirements

While final details of the test have yet to be confirmed, key requirements for those wishing to participate in the test are as follows:

  • Participants must be able to log-in to Aditi and attend the Sunshine test regions from 16:00 SLT onwards (participants can attend the Server Beta UG meeting ahead of the test if they wish)
  • Participants must be running the latest version Server-side Baking project viewer (version or later) – this viewer has been specifically configured to report statistics required by LL for the test
  • Participants should have a number of outfits of system clothing, preferably with multiple layers, which they can swap between during the course of the test. Library outfits are acceptable, but LL are keen for people to use their own outfits to add greater weight to the tests
  • Clearing the viewer cache prior to the test is suggested, but not an absolute requirement.

“if you have specific failures we’ll ask for your viewer logs, otherwise just running through the test will help us gather data,” Nyx added when explaining what is required by way of feedback from those opting to take part.

Aditi Log-in

As has been reported in this blog on a number of occasions, the Aditi grid is itself subject to a number of issues, both in terms of access and inventory support.

If you have not logged-in to the beta grid at all, or in the last several months and wish to participate in the SSB tests, it is recommended that you test your Aditi log-in (you use the same user name and password as you use to access the main (Agni) grid) sooner rather than later. If you find you are unable to log-in, then you should try changing your password. to refresh your Aditi access (this should also update your beta grid inventory).

HOWEVER, be warned that this process isn’t always successful, due to the issues mentioned above, and that it can take up to 48 hours before you can access Aditi, and even then, your inventory may not be successfully updated.

If you have recently updated your password and have reasonable inventory access on Aditi, the recommendation is that you don’t force any inventory update by running a further password change, as there is a risk you may either lose access to Aditi or that you may become subject to inventory change failures.

Those who wish to participate in the load test, and who encounter either issues with their Aditi inventory or accessing the beta grid can, as a last resort, contact Nyx Linden at least 24 hours ahead of the test. Nyx will then endeavour to see if LL can fix matters.

Other Items

Vanishing Regions

Last updated in SL project news: week 6 (2), wherein diagonally adjacent regions fail to render until such time as the observer moves to a region immediately bordering the “missing” region. This has been an ongoing problem for some time, as reported in SVC-8130, and commenting on it at the Server Beta meeting, Simon Linden indicated that the maint-server code deployed to LeTigre may help with some of the issues being encountered, but also admitted, “There’s been some improvement but it looks like there are still bugs to chase there.”

Missing regions: new Maint-server code may help...?
Missing regions: new Maint-server code may help…?

There is a forum post on the matter – if you are encountering this issue in a reproducible manner, and in lieu of SVC-8130 being open to comment, you might want to note your experiences on the thread.

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