RFL of SL: Team Registrations, Relay Rap and Fashion for Life

RFL-logoThis week sees activities for the 2013 Relay for Life of Second Life well and truly get underway with the return of Relay Rap and the opening of this year’s Team Registrations.

As with previous years, activities will be held across the grid in the months and weeks ahead of the Relay for Life weekend in July, and will also follow-on from the weekend through until the end of the year, and participating teams are being encouraged to join-in, organise events and raise money for the fight against cancer.

Team Registrations Open

On Friday 8th February, Team Registrations for RFL of SL opened. To quote from the official documentation on the role of RFL of SL Teams:

Forming a Relay For Life team in Second Life is an important undertaking. It will be a lot work and a huge commitment, but one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have in Second Life. You and your team will become part of the Relay family, and together we will raise money and awareness in the fight against cancer!

Teams require both a Captain and a Co-captain as well as a name. There are no restrictions on the overall size of a team, but both the Captain and Co-captain must be prepared to give up a sizeable amount of their SL time throughout the 2013 RFL season, leading  and motivating their team and keeping everyone focused on success in fundraising. There will be Team Captain training and informational meetings held throughout the season to assist Team Captains, and all Captains are encouraged to attend.


Teams hold events throughout SL with the aim of raising funds for the cause, can have camps at the Relay Weekend regions and of course participate in the Relay Weekend itself. For further ideas on team and activities, see the RFL of SL team roster, and example of events already being organised by teams can be found on the Team Events webpage.

There are a few basic rules and guidelines to go with group formation and applications:

  • Team names should be PG and not have sexually explicit connotations, inappropriate wording or curse words
  • All team names must be approved by the RFL of SL Team Chair
  • For ease of communications, it is recommended that teams should form an in-world group with the team name, or use a suitable mailbox system, as available on the SL Marketplace.

Once a team has been registered with RFL of SL, a member of the Teams Coordination Committee will pass along information to help get things started, including contact details for the RFL of SL Coaches Committee, to whom teams can reach out to with questions and requests.

The team registration form is now available on the RFL of SL website.

Fashion For Life

This year’s Fashion for Life runs from Sunday March 9th through until Monday March 17th. With the theme of “The Seven Wonders of the World”, the event will take place across seven themed regions and two event regions, and shop reservations are now being taken. The following should be noted if applying for a store:

  • The entry fee for a Fashion For Life store is L$5,000
  • All payments must only be made to FASHION4LIFE2013 Resident
  • Once the entry fee has been paid, the transaction record should be copy/pasted to Anne Daumig who will send an invite to join the FASHION4LIFE Group
  • Designers are asked to contribute 3 new and EXCLUSIVE items to be sold only at Fashion For Life with 100% of sales going to Relay For Life. Sales from any other vendor go completely to the designer.

For further information on Fashion for Life, please refer to the Best of SL blog.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are still some RFL of SL sponsorship opportunities available. Sponsorship brings with it special recognition and promotion, and is open to organisations and business both inside of and outside of Second Life, as well as individuals and teams.

Details on the available sponsorship opportunities can be found on the RFL of SL website,, which includes details of who to contact in the RFL of SL team.

Relay Rap – Starting Sunday 10th February

relayrapSunday February 10th marks the return of the Relay Rap radio show. From 16:00 SLT on the 10th February through until 10:00 on Saturday July 13th, Relay Rockers  proudly present a weekly talk show for and about Relay For Life of Second Life, The American Cancer Society, The Teams, The Events, and YOU-Relay World and an hour of fun and information.

The show is open to the public to attend the broadcasts, which will be held at the Relay Raps stage on Arinultra Cay every Sunday through until the Relay Weekend.

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