Marketplace e-mail preference updates

While checking to see if there have been any further updates on resolving the various issues affecting the Marketplace and merchants (the last update having been in November 2012, and the progress sticky has bow been removed), I came across the following.

On February 5th, Commerce Team Linden posted an announcement that user’s e-mail preferences for the Marketplace have finally been updated and expanded. The announcement itself is brief, reading:

Marketplace now supports the ability to set email preferences. You will now be able to turn emails on or off. In addition, new emails have been added and work has been done on stability to prevent delays in email delivery. Please see the Release Notes or the Knowledge Base articles for Merchants or Shoppers for more information.

The new e-mail notification options can be found by logging-in to the Marketplace and going to My Marketplace (menu bar, top right of the page) > My Account > E-mail Settings (options on the left side of the page). The updated settings allow both shoppers and merchants define when they receive e-mail notifications, as follows (note that all options are “on” by default):


  • Purchase notification email – sent after delivery and payment complete on an order or these fail to happen
  • Redelivery notification email – sent when Support or the merchant redelivers an item
  • Review alert email – sent when any changes are made to a review on an item in the merchant’s store
  • Flag alert – sent when an item is removed or blocked as a result of being flagged


  • Order confirmation email – sent when an order is completed
  • Gift notification email – sent when someone received a gift from someone else
  • Redelivery notification email – sent when the Merchant or Support redelivers a purchased item
  • Revenue distribution notification email – sent when a shopper get a revenue distribution from a purchase in another Merchant’s store
  • Revenue distribution addition/removal email – sent when a Merchant adds or removes a revenue distribution to the shopper.
New SL Marketplace e-mail notification options
New SL Marketplace e-mail notification options

The review and flag e-mail notifications are liable to find particular favour with merchants (indeed, they are already, given some of the comments in the thread), as these have been oft-requested by merchants.

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3 thoughts on “Marketplace e-mail preference updates

  1. I cannot recall the last time, as a purchaser, I was able to leave a review on an item. It has been something apparentoly broken for so long that I couldn’t say for sure if reviews have ever worked in my time in SL. (And you can still see references to “XStreetSL” in the web pages.)


  2. @ wolf, that’s odd. i leave reviews quite often.
    anyway i used to DREAM of turning off sales notification emails lol. now i am rather attached to them. also, i don’t know if anyone else had or noticed this problem, but for tha last 6 months or so certain items would sell and just NOT trigger a notification email. but that got fixed silently about a month ago. soooo maybe things mp are looking up 🙂


  3. Oh, it easy could have been fixed, and with CTL’s wonderful communication skills, it would not be unlikely for this poor bear not to have noticed,


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