SL Marketplace Issues: July update

On July 31st, The Commerce Team issued the most recent update in the ongoing saga of SL Marketplace issues. The update reads in full:

UPDATE: July 31, 2012

We continue to work on testing the next Marketplace update, which includes a required upgrade (for the Marketplace, not for Residents). One benefit of this work is that we are seeing performance increases with page load and purchase completion during our testing. We are working to get this update completed as soon as possible.

Last week, fixes to help with WEB-4600 were deployed with viewer 3.3.4. We have also been working with Third Party Viewers to make sure they are handling the Merchant Outbox correctly going forward. In addition, some Third Party Viewers now support the Merchant Outbox on Linux. Please see the following Third Party Viewers if you would like to use the Merchant Outbox on Linux:

If your Third Party Viewer is not on this list, and it supports the Merchant Outbox on Linux, please send a notecard to CommerceTeam Linden. Please include a link to the download location, and it will be added to the above list.

Below is the updated set of outstanding issues with Direct Delivery and the Marketplace.

Direct Delivery

Here are the outstanding Direct Delivery issues:

  • WEB-4600 (Merchant Outbox failures): There are still outstanding issues with the Merchant Outbox, in addition to the issues addressed above. We continue to investigate and address these issues as they come up.
  • WEB-4554 (Test delivery permissions incorrect): This is on hold while we work on other issues.
  • Limited Quantity Support (Merchant does not have rights to copy the items for sale): This is currently being worked on. Magic Box migration will not be required until this is supported. (Note that Merchants can sell items that have next owner rights set to “No Copy”.)

Overall Marketplace

There are also several issues that occurred around the time of the Direct Delivery launch that we are still working to address, but are not issues with Direct Delivery.

  • WEB-4587 (listings with the wrong images): This will be addressed after the next Marketplace update.
  • WEB-4441 (Orders stuck in “Being Delivered” state): We have been able decrease the number of orders getting stuck and continue to work on preventing all orders from getting stuck.
  • WEB-4592 (Orders marked as “Delivery Partially Failed” on success): This issue is currently being worked on.
  • WEB-4138 (Confirmation emails failing to deliver): We are currently working on a solution to this issue.
  • WEB-2974 (Listing enhancement stuck in “Charging, cannot edit right now” state): This issue is on hold while we work on the other items on this list.
  • WEB-4696 (Deleted listings appearing in search results): This issue is on hold while we work on the other items on this list.
  • WEB-4567 (Bulk delete fails for some merchants): We will evaluate the priority of this once we have completed the above Direct Delivery fixes and features.

In the meantime, the due date for Magic Box migration has again been extended (as of July 26th) to October 1st, 2012.

2 thoughts on “SL Marketplace Issues: July update

  1. The problem with this, Inara, is that while it is good that “Commerce Team Linden” do communicate something now and again, the status of the work is a woeful littany of “nothing being done”.
    Their inaction is clear there for all to see and frankly it is depressing to realise just how little progress has been made in the time that I have been watching this issue (some 8 months).


    1. I agree that progress is woeful; as the the overall lack of feedback. Looking at this situation, one is left with one of three thoughts:

      • The situation is not seen as a priority matter by senior management, and the Commerce Team are thus bereft of technical support in sorting the issue out, or
      • The Marketplace Db is such a twisted morass of data, that the only way things can be fixed is by going through it user-by-user, record-by-record, or
      • There simply isn’t the interest at any level within SL to get matters sorted out

      Of course, all three views could be overly harsh – but given we’ve had little more than occasional updates with no genuine attempt to explain the depth of the problem, coupled with platitudes from Rod Humble via Twitter (also long-since dried up), then the natural tendency is to let cynicism take over.

      Whatever the real reasons for the length of time it is taking for some of these issues to be sorted out – and leave us not forget some merchants were trying to let LL know they had a potential elephant in the room in their handling of the Marketplace as far back as 2010 – the bottom line is, this entire situation tends to undermine assurances from Rod Humble and others that “customer service” is a priority within LL. In fact, its fair to say that situations like this totally undermine efforts being put in place elsewhere (such as first line support) where customer service is concerned.


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