Pathfinding: starting to reach TPVs

The pathfinding tools are starting to find their way into TPVs well ahead of showing any sign of moving from the SL Beta Viewer to the release version.

The delay in updating the release viewer may be down to several reasons. One of these might be that Linden Lab staff acknowledge the pathfinding documentation is currently undergoing update and rationalisation, and so the capability is still regarded as being “in beta”.

The table below is a list of current TPV versions (August 19th) of TPVs which have started to embrace pathfinding, and indicates the tools provided.

(click to enlarge if required)

Note that the Navmesh View  / Test option is tied to the new SL Havok sub-licence arrangement, as such none of the above viewers are able to include it unless / until they sign the sub-licence agreement (and are eligible to do so). However, visualising the navmesh is not essential to setting pathfinding attributes for objects in-world or optimising regions where pathfinding is being actively used. Other “missing” functionality as indicated in the table above will doubtless be addressed by the viewers in future releases.

Links for these viewers, including to their release notes, can be found on my Viewer round-up page.

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One Thousand

This post is a bit of a milestone – and one I almost missed in trying to balance a number of draft posts!

It’s my 1,000th post to Modemworld since I created this blog mid-2009 following my move from Blogger, where I’d been since the start of 2007.

When I started out, it wasn’t with the intent to become any form of commentator on SL – social commentary isn’t my Forté (as I’m sure many would agree!); my original blog was far more personal in nature. But the move to WordPress encouraged me to split things, and so Modemworld was born.

I don’t want to be particularly narcissistic and mark my 1,000th post by prattling on about the blog, but there are some things that I genuinely find humbling; such as having 283 people subscribe to it by e-mail, and having nigh-on 250,000 hits during the 12 months between August 1st 2011 and July 31st 2012 alone. These may not sound like big numbers to some, but for me, they really are staggering and represent a level of interest in the blog that amazes me.

As such, to everyone who takes the time and trouble to visit these pages and read my mental meanderings (typos and all ;-)), I’d like to say it really is appreciated and also say…

Thank you.