BURN2 seeking builders and scripters

The BURN2 team are seeking builders and scripters to help with this year’s BURN2 temple build. A call, put out on the BURN2 blog, reads thus:

In keeping with the Burning Man principles of gifting and participation, we’re looking for volunteers to help build this year’s Temple!  More importantly, in keeping with the principle of communal effort, this year’s Temple build will be a group effort, each individual on the build team contributing to the whole: an awesome Burn2 Temple!

If you are a builder extraordinaire, a sculpting god/goddess, or a scripting whiz, we need you!  If you’d like to join the Temple build team, please contact Shendara Destiny, either via in world IM, or by e-mail at Shendara.Destiny@gmail.com.

Help us create something truly beautiful that will enrich the entire Burn2 community!  Burn on!

The BURN2 temple, 2011

If you are a builder / scripter and enjoy participating in communal projects, why not give Shendara a call?

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