A new TuTORial from Torley Linden!

So, I log on to my You Tube account, take a look at my subscriptions, and what do I find?

A video from Torley!

I don’t seem to have the old SL video links box appearing on my SL account dashboard, so no idea if that has gone or the page simply isn’t loading correctly & whether the video is listed there.

But a video TuTORial from Torley! Yay!

Is this a resumption of Torley’s excellent work? And if so, and assuming the lack of video lists on my Dashboard isn’t a glitch – can was have them back on the Dashboard page as well as on the YouTube channel, please, LL?

9 thoughts on “A new TuTORial from Torley Linden!

      1. I’ve wondered if the Lab considers Torley too “goofy” or in some way not the right sort of “serious” tone for SL videos, but he’s so endearing. Brought a smile to my face. 🙂 (Plus the videos are actually helpful.)


        1. Torley is perhaps the most “people”-oriented individual at Linden Lab. Not only that, but his sheer delight in, and enthusiasm for, the platform is infectious. As such he is LL’s greatest asset when it comes to communicating with the user community – yet they persist in shutting him away somewhere. Whatever the reason for this may be, it’s a shame – and it’s a mistake, particularly given the low level of confidence many feel towards LL.

          Torley’s TuTORials have always been highly regarded by users, and I can well remember (back around 2007), his weekly Tips were eagerly anticipated on the “old” SL website, and drew considerable praise. Again, it was a mistake when LL’s management appeared to start restricting his output and then cancelling the tuTORials altogether. I’m hoping that this video may mark a realisation within the Lab that they have erred in their use of Torley, and that we’ll start to see more of his videos once more – and the Lab might actually allow them to become an informative means of communicating with and educating users.


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  2. Now we can have really really annoying face lights 🙂 put a rotation script in that and now you’ll have big fun. I did my best btw in LUMIPro to capture this, shame LSL is so limited in its ability to script projectors.

    And agree Torley is a whoot “bad ass” and all lol


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