Wanderstill; Inara Pey, June 2012, on FlickrWanderstill (Flickr)

Veiled in a dream, Romance dances through a wild meadow overlooking a sparkling sea. Inspired, a lone jeweller plies her craft,  immortalizing the magic of Love’s kiss in prims. Art, friendship, and passion beckon. Embrace the possibilities!

This is the description given to Wanderstill in the region of Ode, a place that I’ve read about in a number of places and from where Honour McMillan took a series of pictures that caught my eye (albeit in a post dealing with a particular SL problem). It is the creation of Elizabeth Tinsley and it is simply stunning.

Teleporting to the region via search delivers you to the Frippery store and a charming welcome:

*~Welcome to Wanderstill~*~: You have found your way to a tiny cottage in the middle of a wild meadow. This is the home of Frippery, a jewellery shop for imaginative minds. You are warmly welcome. Come in, make yourself comfortable, peruse the baubles, take a gift, and leave a message.

Wanderstill; Inara Pey, June 2012, on FlickrWanderstill (Flickr)

The store itself is genuinely charming, and creates a relaxed atmosphere that continues out into the meadows surrounding it. Where you roam is up to you – but there is plenty to explore and to discover – and be sure to look down as well as up! There are places to sit and relax, places where you can dance – and places where you can get a little exercise!

Wanderstill; Inara Pey, June 2012, on FlickrWanderstill (Flickr)

When exploring, I recommend you have the audio stream on – the music from sky FM matches the idyllic surroundings beautifully.

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2 thoughts on “Wanderstill

  1. I’m very glad to know Wanderstill survives. It was one of the first wonder-filled places in SL I was acquainted with and I spent many hours there at various times over a few years.

    Wanderstill is not only beautiful… there is a story there. Half mystery, half detective story, all enchantment. Part of the story can be worked out by entering the small house/cabin and carefully observing all within. You might want to touch things also.

    If you do this, you’ll understand more about the environment in Wanderstill & will be equipped to catch some of the butterflys that inhabit the area and obtain some very fine crafted jewelry (which you will know about if you “solve” some of the puzzle/mystery in the cabin).

    A very beautiful fairy-tale realized in prims & light.


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