Movin’ around

Time for a personal update.

In a sudden decision over the weekend, I opted to up and move regions. The catalyst for the decision was two-fold: the old region was getting far too busy, plus two adjoining parcels opened-up on a region I’ve had my eye on for a while.

The new parcel

The new home is still unzoned (I’m not ready to take down the store rezzing platform just yet), but is reasonably OK on the landscaping and benefits from a large lake area in the middle which is designated NO BUILD and purely for recreational purposes, leaving it with four 8192sm and four 4096sm around the outside.

The combined parcel is located in the north-west corner of the region, with ocean frontage to two sides. As it is more regular in shape, it’s allowed me better space to lay things out more naturally.

Kelly’s house

I’ve retained my little skystation, as I don’t need that much room, but Kelly wanted a fresh house, so I dug something out of inventory that gives her lots of space and which see seems happy with. I situated that so she’d have water on two sides and can enjoy SL sunsets..

Don’t be Koi…

Alongside of this I’ve added some trees to form a little area of woodland that leads back towards the central lake. A couple of streams wind through the trees from a large pond, where a few Koi and other fish now swim. Flowers range across the ground between Kelly’s house and the first stream and under the trees, hopefully giving the place a nice splash of colour.

Night view

There’s also a bridge where I’m already sitting a contemplating things (aka parking myself), and I’ve added a few lanterns in the trees for a little nocturnal light. As I do have friends sharing the land with me, I hope the trees and streams will be a little corner where we can sit and chill, chat and watch the sun pass overhead.

Watching the waters…
…and the sunsets

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