SL9B: All good things…

Today is the last day for people to see what has been the most amazing gathering of talent  coming together in one place to celebrate what makes Second Life so diverse, exciting, thought-provoking, fun, relevant, vibrant and – despite all comments to the contrary alive.

If you have not done so already (or even if you have!), please visit the sims before they close: there are some marvels to see, some of which I’ve tried to cover here, and others have as well. Go see the amazing stages; all of them have been marvellous, and I wish the Main (Lotus) Stage and the Lake Stage could be preserved.

Go with a friend or two and…

Take a vertical ride on the Oblivion
Journey through the galaxy in your own TARDIS
Caroom around the water in bumper boats

I’ll likely have a couple of follow-up posts on SL9B in the near future. Now’s not the time to be analytical though. Just go and enjoy the last few hours!

Thanks once again to everyone who made this all happen. Here’s to SL10B!

2 thoughts on “SL9B: All good things…

  1. Apollosmile’s rollercoaster was one of the last-minute filler builds Sunday morning before the Press Day began.

    I’m hoping that for next year, she’s got the time to be a part of the core build crew and get one of those going all over a sim… or even going through multiple sims and weaving through builds.



    1. Drat. Serves me right for not attending meetings, and apologies to Apllosmile. Had I know the lateness of the hour in which the ride was added, would’ve covered in more depth as it is simply superb!

      With threaded region crossings coming (and bringing with them hopefully smoother transitions between regions), then having a ride like this weaving through SL10B would be simply fabulous!


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